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Toni Aleo is a favorite and the chance to visit with all my favorite Assassins was too good to pass up.


5 stars


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – with eight stories featuring your most beloved characters and their families – it’s time to get comfy with a cup of hot cocoa and take a sneak peek at the holidays, Assassins’ style.

Join Lucas and Fallon along with Tate and Audrey as they await life-changing gifts; Erik and Piper, and Phillip and Reece who have decisions to make that could lead to exciting developments ahead in their lives; and Claire as she makes a Christmas wish and choices for her future. Spend Christmas morning with the Adler family and see what the New Year has in store for Karson and Lacey, as well as Kacey King. The King family faces significant changes and resolutions that will leave readers alternately cheering and maybe a little heavy-hearted…all wrapped up in a big bow.

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When Toni said she would be writing a novella featuring all of our favorite Assassins and their families as they celebrate the holidays, I was thrilled… and when I read it I was NOT disappointed. Each chapter of this “novella” showcases our favorite guys and the women who love them.

Lucas and Fallon bring us an hysterical, yet heartwarming story as Fallon nears the end of her pregnancy and is in full on b*tch mode. She has been given a wide berth by all but Lucas, who can calm her like no other. We get to be there as Fallon brings the newest member of the Brooks’ in to the world. Lucas was always one of my favorites and the way he loves Fallon reminded me of that and had me wanting a Trying to Score reread. 🙂

Audrey and Tate are not as happy as The Brooks family. Very much in love, Audrey can’t help but feel like their family isn’t complete without another baby in their lives and Tate is starting to worry. He knows that his wife is suffering from depression, but try as he might, he just can’t seem to help bring her out of it. When Audrey finally agrees to try fertility treatments, we all hold our breath as Tate and Audrey find out the news.

When we check in with Piper and Erik, they are still very much in love and enjoying their family….with one catch. Piper is getting bored painting murals. She is ready to move on, but is terrified that her family will think she’s flakey. If there is one thing Piper is sure of, it’s the love that her and Erik share. I loved seeing them again!

Reese and Phillip once again had me laughing out loud. I just LOVE when Phillip and Jude face off on the ice. They just can’t keep their mouths shut and it always comes to blows. Phillip is overly protective of Claire, but knows, whether he wants to admit it or not, that Jude adores her and would protect her with his life. I loved Phillip and Jude’s meeting of the minds. They just needed to realize that they both want the same thing… for Claire to be happy and loved

Reese and Phillip bring us right into Claire and Jude and Claire is unhappy. All she wants to do is spend Christmas with Jude, but with Jude having a game in New York, it’s just not possible. Jude surprises her with sweet gifts while he’s away, but it’s just not the same to Claire as spending the holiday’s with her fiancé. Will she get her wish?

Next we get to see Shea and Elli, my absolute favorite couple of the series. I loved watching them spend Christmas morning opening presents with their family. They are so happy and content, it’s just a pleasure to witness. We are treated to an absolutely laugh-out-loud, tears streaming down your face scene with Elli and the kids as she tries to find a late Christmas gift for Karson and Lacey. I actually had to stop reading and wipe eyes, that’s how hard I was laughing.

Karson and Lacey are up next and even though we just spend time with them in Laces and Lace, it was nice to come back to them. Karson’s family is still loving and treats Lacey like their own, which is more than you can still say for her father. He  is continuing to try and get back into her good graces, but he’s not getting very far, thankfully. I just don’t think he can ever be redeemed, he is that much of an a**. Lacey is keeping a big secret from  Karson and it was great to be there when Karson finds out.

We finally end with Kacey, and I am SALIVATING for her story!!! You know there is so much more for her to discover with Jordie, but he is just not ready for a relationship. Kacey has to let him go and do right for her, but thankfully, we know we are going to get more when Overtime is released!! If you think Karson and Lacey’s novella left you wanting more, wait until you read Kacey and Jordie’s chapter… You will be begging Toni to write faster!

A Very Merry Hockey Holiday was exactly what fans of the Assassins series wanted; short glimpses into the lives of our favorite hockey families. It has everything I wanted and I thoroughly enjoyed every word. I miss them already!!

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