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I loved the Ethan Frost series


5 stars


Once the brains behind a car-boosting ring, Nic Medina has spent the last three years playing it straight. Now drag racers flock to his L.A. auto shop, Hotwired, for a shot at going head-to-head with the man himself. But when a crooked cop gives Nic a treacherous ultimatum—steal ten high-end cars or watch his nephew disappear into the system—he makes the only choice he can, one that puts the life he’s worked so hard for at risk. No sooner does Nic agree than he spots some nasty competition—and a gorgeous bystander in harm’s way.
A small-town girl with Hollywood dreams, Jordan Bass never expected to be swept up in a real-life drama. But that’s exactly what happens when she witnesses a violent crime. And when a smoldering stranger takes the wheel and practically kidnaps her in a desperate bid to keep her safe, she’s not sure whether to scream . . . or kiss him. Nic’s bad news—but the real bad guys aren’t above silencing a witness. On a collision course with danger, Jordan finds herself falling for the man whose street smarts are keeping her alive . . . and whose touch puts her in high gear.

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Becky’s Review

Writing this review took me a while because I absolutely loved this book. The title, Accelerate, is perfect because from the very beginning, everything seemed to go fast. I got sucked into the story and invested emotionally pretty quickly; the central characters, Nic and Jordan, are quick to recognize and act on their intense attraction, and there is so much action!! And not just between the sheets either!

I think Jordan Bass might be one of my favorite female characters because even though her past is traumatic, she’s a fighter. I like that her past doesn’t hold her back; it doesn’t define her. When Nic Medina inadvertently steals her car (how’s that for a meet cute!?), she doesn’t passively let him get away with it. She fights him tooth and nail. Likewise, when Nic tries to pull out his alpha, Jordan fights for him and fights with him.

Nic is pretty much the total opposite of Jordan; he definitely lets his past define him. Everything that he does in his present is to correct the wrongs of his past. His family is threatened because of his past actions and he works hard to not only atone for his sins but to finally make those who threaten his family pay. Seeing Nic struggle with forgiving himself made him more realistic to me. The fact that Jordan isn’t held back by her past is an excellent contrast to Nic and I think it helps him to be able to move forward.

I’m not sure that Nic Medina totally replaces Ethan Frost in my mind but I loved him. He’s completely different from the clean-cut, alpha CEO billionaire that a lot of readers are used to reading. He’s like a combination of a surfer and a character from “The Fast and The Furious”. Who knew that could be such an attractive package?

Okay, mini-sort-of-spoiler:

Tracy Wolff makes sure her readers know that Nic and Jordan will be back for a second book. This is not a standalone. The central storyline of Accelerate resolves itself but the bigger story is far from over. At first, I was like, “WHAT?” but after a minute, I realized I wanted more Nic and Jordan and I’m excited for their story to continue.

This is a one-click MUST, best of 2015 for me!

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