Amy’s Reading Goals for 2018


With the book world being flooded with dozens of new releases every week it’s easy for our TBR lists to grow wildly out of control.  My goal this year is to get caught up, read authors I’ve always wanted to but never found the time, or those books that you grabbed with every intention of reading then somehow they got lost in the crowd, and just devour all the words!

Below are just some of the authors and books I plan to read throughout this year.  Have you read them?  See someone missing from my list that you feel is a must read author?

Kim Holden

I have always wanted to read Kim Holden but, have been afraid of how emotional everyone says the books will be.  I have no doubt that I’ll love these books I just worry about if I’m able to handle all the feels.

T.M. Frasier

These books are on my kindle!  All of them!!!  I look at them and their amazing covers and  think, you need to read these now, and somehow I never do! That will change this year, I’m taking the leap!


Mariana Zapata

Both these books have been recommended to me over and over.  I’ve grabbed them both off KU and they have been sitting on my kindle.  I don’t know what is holding me back from diving in, I just know that it ends this year.  I WILL read these books.


Mia Sheridan

After reading Archer’s Voice I was sure I was going to devour all things Mia Sheridan.  I even went and bought half a dozen of her books.  Yet beyond Archer and one other I haven’t touched them.  I look at them often and think about cracking them open but, always end up reading something else.  That ends this year, I plan to read at least the ones listed below.


If you follow us on Goodreads keep an eye out, I’ll be leaving reviews as I go!  I’ll also be keeping everyone updated on where I’m at on our Facebook Page. Sometimes hearing about people reading a book you love for the first time is almost like reading it yourself.

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