Amy’s Top Reads of 2016

Sweet Sunshine by Jessica Prince

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This book is everything.  It has the perfect amount of sweetness, alpha male, drama, and sassiness.  I can read it over and over without ever tiring of it.

Needing to Fall by Ryan Michele

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A deep and honest look at a woman’s struggle to just live.  This book touched me deeply with its brutal honesty and unexpected love story.


The Bad Ones by Stylo Fantome

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Dark, twisty, unique, and beautiful love story.  This wasn’t your typical love story it was a refreshing look into a non-traditional love story.

Three Wishes by Kristen Ashley

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KA at her best.  This book built me up before completely destroying me.  Then in true KA style it made me whole again. I loved every second of it.

A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole

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This was the most beautiful love story I have ever read.  Pure beauty, read with tissues.

Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

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Penelope Douglas writes an amazing female character.  They’re strong, witty, and completely relatable.  She’s never done this better than she did with Ryen in Punk 57.

Neighbors by Stylo Fantome

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This book took me by surprise, kept me on my toes, and left me dying for more.  It was an unexpected and all together amazing read.

The Revenger by Debra Anastasia

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Simply put this book is amazing.  I’ve never read anything like it.  It was a refreshing and unique look at unconditional love.

Bounty by Kristen Ashley

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KA added a twist to this book that we haven’t seen in her other books and it made me love this book even more.  This was a breath stealing love story.


Lucas by Jay McLean

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Teen love at its best.  Angst, laughs, lessons learned, mayhem, and two amazing characters growing up together.  I laughed, I cried, and wished for more when it was done.


The Death of Lila Jane by Teresa Mummert

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Teresa Mummert has always intrigued me as an author.  I love her writing style and the special twists she adds to her stories.  Lila was a fantastic character and I loved every second of her story.


Until Harry by LA Casey

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This book was a beautiful story of a young woman who had to learn the hard way that forgiveness and love could truly set you free. It was a very inspiring story.

Words I Couldn’t Say by Tessa Teevan

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I loved the change of pace with this book.  The woman did the man wrong and is trying to win him back.  Tessa wrote a beautiful and touching love story.


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