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I love Brenda’s hockey books!




Bennett Morse devotes his time to chasing two things: an NHL career and women. He’s the easygoing member of his three-man line on the Fenway Flyers, content to play the game he loves and soak up the female attention it brings – as long as it’s from a different woman each time. He learned the hard way that choosing only one leads to heartache.

Newly single attorney Charlotte Holloway finds just what she needs in Bennett – a sweet, sexy man to ease the burn of her recent breakup. One night is all she wants from the left winger who seems to have all the right moves. Soon circumstance draws her back to Bennett, and the sparks between them become a fiery blaze. But with the stakes high, will they risk it all and put their hearts on the line?

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This is Book #2 in the On The Line series, but can be read as a complete standalone.
I love that I know when I am reading a Brenda Rothert story. Her writing has a unique voice and stands out in a saturated market. She always dives deep into her characters and they are well-developed. She brings raw emotion to each story, and even if the theme is similar, it never feels stale, or over-done. I kept having to put off starting Bennett, but once I did, I read it in one sitting. It was “unputdownable.” Being honest, I never expected the “twist” in the story. Other reviews might share, because it does happen in the very beginning of the book, but I was taken aback by it, and I won’t tell you about it. I think all books should be experienced organically. Let the plot unfold as you read it!

While there were times that Charlotte drove me crazy with her insecurities and her inability to commit, she made up for it in her snarkiness and her unwillingness to yield who she was. I love female characters who stand up to their man…. Charlotte most definitely fits this mold. Ignoring his serious hotness and hockey body, he was sweet, considerate, the perfect gentleman, and willing to give up his dream to be with Charlotte. He was the perfect book boyfriend. So, then what is Charlotte’s problem? You’ll have to read to find out.

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