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Seven years ago, my life changed forever. One accident and the person I saw in the mirror no longer resembled the woman I used to be. I was lost and confused inside my own body. I felt alone and disconnected from the world, carrying the incredible weight of guilt and loss that wasn’t even mine to harbor.

Then fate led me to Leo James. He taught me that crazy could be perfectly normal and it shouldn’t hurt to breathe. Don’t get me wrong. Leo isn’t perfect. He has his own cross to bear, and the truth is, that might be why I fell for him in the first place. But despite everything he does for me, learning to forgive myself is infinitely harder than overlooking the flaws of another.

Now, the secrets and lies of our past have begun to dictate our future—threatening to ruin us before we get the chance to try. Perhaps we were cursed from the start. Or maybe, just maybe, the remnants of our fractured lives will fit together to form one whole, where love isn’t questioned and being happy is…well, easy.

Can a second broken soul be enough to fill the voids of my own? Or will such scarred pasts prove too much for our love alone to overcome?

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*This review may contain spoilers from the Wrecked and Ruined Series and Among the Echoes*

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sarah Erickson”

I have not been patiently waiting for Broken Course since the last line of Among The Echoes. I could NOT believe that Aly went there! Seriously!? I recall begging for a spoiler group because the book had not yet been released and I needed to talk to someone about it. Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait too long to read all the goodness that is Leo James in Broken Course, and what goodness it is.

We first meet Sarah Erickson as the completely messed up ex-wife of Brett Sharp in Changing Course. Sarah has suffered a traumatic brain injury and can barely recognize herself, let alone remember any of the good from her marriage to Brett. She is mean, spiteful and does everything she can to ruin Brett’s life. Let’s just say I wasn’t sure how Aly was going to redeem Sarah, but if anyone can, it’s Aly Martinez.

One of the fantastic things about Aly’s writing is the characters pasts aren’t briefly mentioned and shoved under the rug. They are the forefront of the story. They are confronted, sometimes in painful ways, sometimes making you uncomfortable, but not having them glossed over just adds more depth to the characters and the story. This is a purely character driven story. Do Leo and Sarah feel an instant connection? Yes, but it’s explored. It’s nurtured. It’s not a, we met, we’re in love, let’s have a conflict, work it out and live happily ever after. Aly’s books are well thought out and developed.  These characters are real and raw.

Oh Leo….. Prepare to turn into a puddle of goo when Leo turns on the charm and speaks Spanish.  There were times I actually sighed out loud. Leo brings new meaning to swoon-worthy.  On the outside, Leo James is a smooth, wealthy, good-looking owner of Guardian Security, protectors of Slate Michaels among other famous people. On the inside, he is a broken man, suffering from severe PTSD and who feels tremendous guilt for what happened to Erica when he was an undercover DEA agent.  His struggle was real and difficult. My heart hurt so many times for the pain Leo was in. He tried to cover it up, but when it over took him, it was crippling. There were so many scenes between these two broken people that brought me to my knees.

“I hate you sometimes,” he fumes, but his voice cracks at the end.

“I hate you too. But only because I love so f*cking much and you always talk shit about my boyfriend….I’m not going to sit here and try to fill your head with all the ways what you did wasn’t wrong-even though it wasn’t. All that matters is how you feel about yourself. You know what I love about our relationship? We can forgive each other anything, but looking at ourselves in the mirror is damn near impossible. So how about this? I’ll love you and you love me. And maybe that will be enough.

 To say I disliked Sarah before this book is an understatement. Yes, she suffered through a horrendous tragedy, but she was anything but likable. Aly gives us a tremendous amount of Sarah’s background in this story and the impossible happened. I felt compassion for Sarah Erickson. I wanted her to succeed, to get better, and to crawl out from under the burden she carried for way too long.

“Regrets will only hold you down. Own the wrongs and move on.”

Leo and Sarah are quite the pair. While Sarah doesn’t think she is healthy enough for a relationship, Leo pushes her to see what they could have together. When Leo doesn’t think he can hack it, it’s Sarah that pushes him. They are two shattered souls slowly putting each other back together. The sexual chemistry between Leo and Sarah is off the charts from the very start. They make Caleb and Emma look tame. Compatibility and love are not their issues. The ability of each of them to harbor secrets and cover up their pain could end up ruining their relationship.

With Broken Course, Aly Martinez gives us the best book in the Wrecked and Ruined Series and with that  outstanding epilogue, gives us closure with all of the characters we have come to love throughout this series.

“In the end, no one was really wrecked or ruined. Our lives may have been changed, but we’re not broken and nothing was truly stolen but time. It was a journey, albeit a rough one, but we’re all better people because of it.”

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