Burnt Sugar by Layne Harper – Jenn’s Review


How could I not after reading book one, No Pink Caddy!?



He left me crumpled in a ball on the worn hardwoods where my living room furniture used to be. He fed me to the paparazzi. He teased me with his new album—full of songs written about me. Then, I never heard from him again.
Did I let Aaron Emerson break me? Of course not. I’m MK Landry. I turned my mess into my message. I poured my heart out to my fans on NoPinkCaddy.com. Then, I picked up the phone and made the scariest call of my life. The rest, as they say, is history.
She dropped the worst line in the history of breakup lines: be the man I deserve. What does that even mean? I ran. I had no idea how to handle her injury, anger, and disappointment. She gave up on me when I needed her the most.
My life has marched forward. I’m in the middle of my comeback, sold-out tour. I have a model girlfriend. On the outside, my world looks rock star perfect. But Mary Kay Landry left a void in my soul that no amount of fame or time spent with others can fill. I’m stuck in MK purgatory where she haunts my nights and fills my days.


“…I’m yours. You couldn’t get rid of me if you tried. You kick me out. I move to the couch. You change the locks. I sleep on the porch. All I want in the world is to be yours like you’re already mine.”

Burnt Sugar isn’t just a book, it’s an experience. When Harper released No Pink Caddy, I read it voraciously, having no idea it was a cliffhanger. I am not the girl who reads an incomplete series, but this series is so good, I would happily read it a chapter at a time. When Burnt Sugar hit my kindle, I wanted to wait until the weekend, when I knew I would have more time to devote to it, but my was willpower just not strong enough to outlast the need I had to get into this book immediately. I started reading a chapter during my lunch period, then read another while waiting for my kids, and then another while cooking dinner. I spent the entire day sneaking in chapters, until I could tuck my kids into bed and just lose myself in MK and Aaron’s story. That’s exactly what happened. I was lost to Harper’s words and her outstanding ability to tell a story. From the beautiful imagery, to the dialogue, to the characters you love, and the ones you love to hate, to our two main characters, MK and Aaron who, as Aaron has said, have an “eighteen-wheeler full of baggage,” there is an over abundance of reasons to love this story. I had hope at the end of NPC, that Aaron and MK would handle their issues, and come back together, stronger and more confident in their relationship. Harper decided we needed to suffer a bit more before our favorite blogger and rock star could even begin to reclaim what was lost. It’s a longer road for these two, and at times, there are moments that you think the road is going to end in a twelve car pileup. It might not be an easy road, but what it is, is a gorgeous, breathtaking, at times frustrating, but thoroughly rewarding ride.

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