Can’t Resist Him by Molly McLain — Cassie’s Review

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I read it because I like to read military romance.


4 stars


Always relegated to the “friends with benefits” corner of small town River Bend, Jenny Riley is done giving the milk for free. Falling hard for a bad boy? Not in the plan, either.

Sexy, emotionally-wounded Marine Reservist Brody Nelson just needs someone to lend an ear. A friend. Friends to lovers? That’s more than he bargained for.

Neither wants a relationship. A long distance friendship should be enough.

It’s not.


Can’t Resist Him is a stereotypical military romance book with sprinkles of its own twists and turns. I always appreciate it when any author takes time to highlight military men and they even get extra bonus points for shedding light on PTSD and the overall struggle it is to come back into civilian life. I always hope it brings that much more awareness into the hearts of readers. I would also like to recognize that I did not know this was the fourth in a series before signing up for the review, but I still loved it and had no problems understanding Jenny’s and Brody’s story line.

Jenny is twenty-eight and in need of a serious life change if she wants to find the one. That doesn’t come so easily with owning her own salon and helping her mother after she had a heart attack and stroke. She is coming out of a “relationship” that was purely sex and off and on for ten years. Something has to give, right? Enter Brody New Year’s Eve night.

Brody. This guy is tall and built. Any military romance lover’s dream of a male character. Chiseled. A little Cocky and a lot of heart down under. He has gone through three tours and the last one was a killer. While fighting over the need to return and find meaning in his life again (instead of a barstool) he finds an unlikely friend in Jenny.

Like I mentioned before, I feel like it is a very stereotypical military romance and that is beneficial to those who enjoy the subgenre. I am happy I read it. I don’t typically read third person, but the author did well with keeping it straight who the “hes and shes” were and I was grateful. I think the main reason why it is four stars instead of a full five would be that I didn’t feel a big rise and fall of the plot. It was sort of stagnant. It did not have a big flare of difference that set it apart from other military type romances.

However, overall, it was an enjoyable and quicker read. I wouldn’t mind picking up the other three books previous and I would still suggest anyone to read the book.

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