CARNAGE – The Story of Us (Book 1) by Lesley Jones – JACQUE’S REVIEW

carnage the story of us


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I love him, from the instant I set eyes on him when I was just 11 years old I have loved him and nothing will ever change that, he owns me, he owns my heart and he owns my body and no matter how many lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance, we will find a way.
“Georgia Rae, when we made love you used to cry”… He waits for me to sing my bit. I try to swallow down a sob but I just end up singing through it…
“I said I love you like the stars above, I’ll love you till I die”
Carnage, an edgy coming of age love story that breaks all the rules and transcends the decades. Georgia and Sean’s story will stay with you long after you read the final word.
An emotional, smoking hot, gut wrenching read

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In CARNAGE: The Story of Us,  we see how the relationship between Georgia and Sean begins.  She is only 11 years when she meets him but she knows at that moment that he is the one that she will love her entire life.

“I was eleven years old, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was staring into the eyes of the boy I was going to love forever.”

They grow up together, eventually becoming a couple.  They are so young but even being that young they realize (and so do the reader’s) that it’s a special kind of love…a love to last a lifetime and that is seen throughout the whole book.

It’s when Sean and Georgia’s brother’s band, CARNAGE becomes a worldwide sensation that their relationship is destroyed.  The lifestyle, rumors, accusation, jealously and pettiness cause the two to break up for 4 years.  They are both living in their own hell but never stop loving each other.  During this time, Georgia wants to hear nothing of Sean and to stay away from him but Sean continues to try to get to her.  Both become promiscuous trying to help them forget the other.  And this is when Georgia meets Cameron King.  It’s the first time that she is actually attracted to someone besides Sean.  Everyone warns her that he is dangerous but she still starts up a relationship with him…but he knows her deal.  He knows she will always only love Sean.  But she does form feelings for Cam that even she won’t admit to.  And then she finally sees Sean again and she immediately goes back to him and Cam is devastated.

“Sean McCarthy, now why didn’t I work that one out?  I knew all about Sean, I just didn’t realize it was, that Sean.  I didn’t stand a chance did I?  Me, or a twenty-two year old, fucking rock God?”

But how will her actions affect Cam?  Will Georgia be happy with Sean?

This is a story of young love that given the chance could have been a lifetime love.  You see how success, lies, deceit can destroy a relationship.  But you also see that love helped them find their way back to each other.  But what of Georgia’s feelings for Cam?  Is it possible for her to love 2 people at the same time?  Will her feelings ever go away…will she ever realize them?

This was a great read…so much detail and so much time spanned.  But there is also tragedy, that at the end of the book, has broken my heart.  I MUST READ Carnage 2 – The Story of Me.  I need to have my broken heart mended.

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