C/curious by Ava Bell — CASSIE’S REVIEW

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I knew Ava would bring a new taste to erotica.


5 stars


While doing research for her new book, author Emma Sparks becomes intrigued with the BDSM lifestyle. When Emma meets Markus, a soft-spoken Dominant, he agrees to guide her through his world as she becomes more than curious. As Emma and Markus’ friendship deepens, she discovers that her deepest, darkest desires are beginning to surface. Emma suddenly realizes that she is not the person she thought she was and it threatens to destroy her picturesque life she has with her husband and children. Emma struggles to find herself, but Markus wants to bring her deeper into his world where he knows she belongs and he can make her his own.

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C/Curious is not the typical BDSM fan-fiction type book. It is so much more. I really enjoyed that Ava Bell dove into the details of the whole world, rather than jump into the “nitty gritty” of BDSM. I saw a whole new aspect of it with the online profiles, the chats, and Emma finding her way in this new adventure.

Speaking of Ms. Emma…she is the epitome of unhappy housewife.  Even with all their money, a loving, but clueless,often absent husband,  she is no longer able to shake the feeling of dissatisfaction. After raising her children and deciding to try her hand at writing, thanks to a fellow mom, she has decided to embark on a new adventure with her writing; writing a BDSM novel. She dives in and never expects to be sucked further into it…she also doesn’t expect to like it.

Sir…aka, the man Emma has been spending so much time conversing with…is well….just hot and mysterious. He seems to really enjoy his time with Emma, despite her true intentions. It is nice to see the humanity in this dominate man from the beginning. To see that he is also just a person, rather than the typical tormented Dom. The real question is…will he convince Emma to try out her deepest and darkest fantasies?

Emma’s two worlds seem to be increasingly crossing over each other. With the spark that has been set by Sir and learning about the BDSM world, her sex life with her husband seems to be renewed. Too bad Sir is the one she thinks about and sees during it. With all the secrets and lies about her double life…someone is bound to crack or find out.

I cannot wait for the next installment. Ava definitely set us up to be left….well curious. Her tastefulness in writing this series has been impeccable to date and I know she will continue this way. It is wonderful and refreshing to see an erotic novel with tact and wonderful character development.

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