CLEAT CATCHER by Celia Aaron and Sloane Howell-Cassie’s Review

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Why I Read It

Baseball Players. I don’t think anymore needs to be said!

What I Rated It


What It’s About

What happens when an unrepentant Cleat Chaser meets the player of her dreams?

Nikki Graves has a history of going through the baseball roster with an eye for talent–the kind of talent that keeps things spicy between the sheets. But, once she meets Braden Bradford, catcher for the Ravens, her talent scout days are done. He’s the one.

Braden has never met a woman like Nikki, and he can’t get enough of her smart mouth and big heart. But life isn’t always as direct and certain as the connection between Braden and Nikki. When family objections and career trajectories begin to crowd the plate, will Braden be able to keep his catch of a lifetime?

Cassie’s Review 

Cleat Catcher is the much anticipated sequel to Cleat Chaser. Nikki and Brayden are such a fun and well, sexy addition to Easton and Kyrie’s book. To say they were the comic relief in the first book would be an understatement. So naturally, we got real hot and heavy (yes read that both ways) in Cleat Catcher.

Nikki aka Nokona (yes the baseball mitt) definitely knows some dirty and borderline brash words. She is a fashion queen and seems to be taking the magazine world by storm with her unique and refreshing articles.

Brayden is not only the catcher but the team captain. The heart of the team. Too bad his knees don’t agree with his heart. Brayden is under the stress of a lifetime between talks of trade and meeting the parents. We see a different side of him and it makes him just that more three dimensional.

These two wowed me with their chemistry, love, devotion to their craft, and even their tempers. It was a real treat to be able to read this book early. This is a book you don’t want to miss if you love baseball and steamy scenes.

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