Come Closer by Brenda Rothert – Jenn’s Review


This is one of the most intriguing blurbs I’ve read.



Sometimes appearances deceive. Take me, for instance. I look like a respectable doctor with his shit together, but the rural Montana mental hospital I work at is actually a sanctuary from my demons. At just thirty-five years old, I’ve already failed on an epic scale. Treating patients at Hawthorne Hill is part of my atonement.
I’ve found peace when a new patient turns me inside out. Allison Cole is a beautiful, haunted survivor who fell into silence after witnessing a murder. But even without words, I’m drawn to her. The closer we get, the more I’m tempted to cross my professional boundaries and give in to my desire.
Soon I find myself in a desperate race to put the pieces of Allison’s silence together. Her life becomes inextricably entwined with mine as I fight to save the second chance I never thought I’d have. I’ll break whatever rules I have to in order to protect this woman who’s been to hell and back. For her, I’ll do harm.


You won’t find a single spoiler in this review, and I encourage you not to go looking for them. There is just so much to this gorgeous story that you need experience on your own time, as the words unfold for you. I have read every one of Rothert’s books, and I can tell you with certainty, she has outdone herself with Come Closer.

The story takes place at a mental health facility in rural Montana, and each scene was so vividly painted, all I had to do was close my eyes, and I was there. It was incredibly clear that Rothert did extensive research before writing this story. She didn’t just plant these characters at a hospital and wing it. It was clear she studied mental health facilities, the faculties, and what the patients are like. I am a girl who deals in facts and truths, and anytime an author makes sure to do their research, we are rewarded with more than just a good story.

When Daniel and Allison first meet, it is a just a doctor-patient relationship. As a mute recovering from an unspeakable trauma, Allison senses a trust she shares with Daniel, and he becomes her sole confidant, even if she can’t find the words to confide in him. So much was said between these two, without the need of a word. Just a look, or a touch was all that was needed to spark their chemistry. Daniel was a once broken, now rehabilitated man and he knew that any sort of slip up could cost him the job he loved so dearly. The job that gave him focus and reason to stay on the straight and narrow path. His devotion to all of his patients was paramount, but it was the gentle care and compassion he showed Allison, and his other patients, that made him the incredible man he was. Allison was a puzzle, and it isn’t until we get further into the story that we find out her true demons.

The amount of gasps, shouts, and mouth gaping I did throughout the second half of this story was insane! I knew it was romantic suspense, so I had formulated my own theories, but I clearly wasted my time. My mind was blown… and yours will be too. Come Closer is a book you won’t be able to put down until it’s over. Once you’ve finished you will left shaking your head at its intrigue and brilliance. This is storytelling at its best.

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