Corrupt by Jessica Prince ~ Amy’s Review


I will read anything Jessica Prince releases.



Garrett Wilder is rich, famous, and totally bad for me. After one night that ended with me wanting to punch him in his face, the self-absorbed rockstar has become a permanent fixture in my life… Whether I like it or not. Now I’m forced to see him every day, and that shield I put up to protect my heart is quickly crumbling to the ground. I’ve gone from hating him to craving him. And the scariest part is that he feels the same. He wants to know me. He wants to own me. He wants to corrupt me. And if I’m not careful… I just might let him.





I don’t how Jessica Prince manages to write perfect books every time but she does!  EVERY FREAKING TIME!  As soon as I’m done with one book I think she can’t top that and then she does and my mind is blown again!  Her books are magical, they suck me in and never let me go.  I crave her words and I thank God that whatever muse she has, has been working overtime because she’s given us so many great books in such a short amount of time.

This book had everything that I want from an outstanding book!  The asshole alpha male that has to redeem himself, the kickass woman that doesn’t fold and makes him work for it, outstanding secondary characters that add to the story without taking the focus from the main storyline, and a role switch that makes me go YES this is how real life is.  This book isn’t a sugar coated rockstar story.  It’s honest and gritty perfection that romanticizes their story but keeps it real and not always easy to handle emotionally.

While I was rooting for Garrett and Gwen and their relationship as a whole I found my loyalty waffling between the two throughout the whole book.  One chapter I’m cursing Garrett and the next I’m cheering him on and mentally shaking Gwen in an attempt to wake her up and knock some sense into her.  The back and forth was new to me and really spoke to how well this book was written.

If you haven’t read Jessica’s work yet what are you waiting for?  Start with this book, heck start with any of her books but, be prepared because a binge reading session will be in your near future because like a good glass of wine you won’t be able to stop with just one!

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