Crazy About Cameron by Katy Regnery — JENN’S REVIEW

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I am a huge Katy fan and have been following The Blueberry Lane series back when it started with Barrett English.


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With her stiff posture, black-rimmed glasses and chestnut waves in a tight bun, Cameron Winslow’s downstairs neighbor, Margaret Story, has long been the unaware star of his filthiest dirty-librarian fantasies. But with a floundering business eating up all his time, Cam doesn’t have the open road he’d need to date a lady like Margaret.

Margaret, who grew up down the lane from Cameron, has always thought of him as a cross between a bully and a tease, as likely to pull her braids as pull her leg. But he’s grown up to be a smokin’ hot businessman, and Margaret can’t help daydreaming about what it would feel like to be under, um, with someone like him.

When hot-headed Cameron and buttoned-up Margaret start using the same shady contractor for apartment renovations, Margaret may find herself in some unexpected trouble, which forces long-concealed feelings to come out of hiding…and might just make way for two unlikely fantasies to finally come true.

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I didn’t think anything could compete with my English Boys, especially my main squeeze, Stratton, but Cameron did what I thought was impossible. He made me forget about them. I read this book cover to cover in three hours. I couldn’t put it down, I didn’t want a break. I just wanted to stay lost in Cameron and Margaret’s story.

I notice that you don’t say hello. I noticed that you wish you were anywhere but trapped in an elevator with me making small talk. I notice that, although you know how much I hate the nickname Meggie, you never miss an opportunity to use it.”

Cameron started out being a jerk (my favorite), but you quickly realized why he was this way. He has been hopelessly and irrevocably in love with Margaret Story since he was thirteen. Unfortunately for Cameron, his life was currently a mess, and he wanted to be able to give his all to Margaret, and that just didn’t seem possible.

“Margaret Story was the unaware star of Cameron’s filthiest naughty-librarian fantasies.
Always had been. Always would be.”

Margaret wondered where she went wrong with the boy who used to pull her pigtails when they were kids, but as much as she wanted to know, she needed focus; focus on her job, her apartment and her up and coming winery. Sadly (or maybe not so), Cameron never failed to shift her focus to him, and their verbal foreplay was the star of this book.

Crazy About Cameron brought more emotion than I felt in the past from Regney’s stories. My heart broke time and time again for Margaret and the relationship she had with her father. You understood her need to please him, and you just want to smack him around when he treated her like trash. You felt deeply for Cameron and the difficult decisions he faced with his father’s company. Both Cameron and Margaret had to either spend their lives pleasing others, or learn to make themselves happy.

By 4% in the book, I had already highlighted 7 passages. That is how outstanding Regney’s writing is. She uses the same words as everyone else, but somehow puts a stunning twist on them. You would think that her stories about privileged kids, who grow up to be privileged adults in an exclusive section of Philadelphia would grow tired and repetitive, but each addition to the Blueberry Lane series brings a fresh and new storyline. We get to visit with some of our favorite couples while moving the stories forward.  The chemistry between Margaret and Cameron is hot, hot, HOT!! Just wait until you get to the sexting scene. DAMN!

I am going to be thinking about this one for a long time. It’s just simply a timeless love story. Every single word and moment felt authentic and simply stunning. I read it cover to cover in 3 hours and it was absolute perfection! There is not one thing I didn’t like or would change about the story. I hesitate to say Cameron might replace Stratton, but this is hands down, Regney’s  best book yet. I absorbed every single word like it was the last drop of water on earth.


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