Deception by Fiona Davenport – Katie’s Review

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Why I read it

I love Fiona and I can never pass up a good Mafia blurb

What I rated it

5 stars

What it’s about

Nic DeLuca is used to taking what he wants. Born to lead a powerful mafia family, he’s not in the habit of asking for permission—or forgiveness. He’s willing to cross any boundary when it comes to possessing what he considers to be his, and from the moment he laid eyes on Anna Martin, he knew she was meant for him.

Nic is quick to move the innocent nanny into his home… and his bed. But, he hides his dark side from Anna. The deception is necessary to ensure she falls for him before she realizes exactly who he is.

Please note: Nic & Anna’s romance is a three part story, but there are no relationship cliffhangers.

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Katie’s Review

Fiona Davenport is my new go-to spicy action and adventure author! This hot, short novella was just the right length for a quick read with some hot and spicy scenes! The storyline did not feel rushed, as I tend to feel in many novellas.  This is the exact reason I typically avoid novellas, but Fiona has been the exception to this rule many times. There is a cliffy, but with the next novella only a week away, you won’t be left waiting for long!

Nic, while the head of a large Chicago Mafia family, has a soft side to him that revolves around his young daughter. Anna is hired to be her nanny, and from the moment Nic sees Anna, he knows he is going to claim her as his. Sexy, sweet and a hint of danger, I definitely will be diving immediately into the rest of this story!

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