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Denial was one of my top reads of 2015 and I still need to know what happened to Ella!


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The sexy, breathtaking mystery continues in New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones’s stunning second novel in the suspenseful Careless Whispers series–where shocking revelations will reveal themselves and nothing, and no one, will ever be the same.

Still struggling with amnesia, Ella questions everything she’s known about Kayden Wilkens–the alluring stranger who claims to have found her unconscious in an alleyway. But was he truly a stranger–or did Kayden know her before his supposed rescue? Tormented by the potential betrayal he denies, with fleeting memories of a bombshell in her recent past, Ella must face a hard reality. Every action has consequences . . . and trusting Kayden, the one thing she most desires, might result in the direst consequences of all.

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Lisa Renee Jones is one of my one-click musts. Whenever she releases something new, I’m always anxious to read it. When she finally announced that she was going to tell her readers what happened to Ella with an entirely new series, I might have squealed. Denial was without a doubt worth the wait and one of my top reads of 2015. Demand, the second book in the Careless Whispers series, gives us more of Ella and Kayden and adds even more pieces to this mysterious puzzle. I devoured it in a single 11 hour car ride between Springfield, MO and Albuquerque, NM. ‘

So, what happened to Ella? I’m still not sure. But I do know that she became a badass. Ella Ferguson is one of the best female characters that Lisa Renee Jones has created. She is so fresh and strong, and yet vulnerable in a good way. In Demand, Ella seems even more determined to not let anything stand in her way of getting back her memories. She is willing to take risks, like meeting with the cop who seems hell-bent on bringing down Kayden, in order to learn more about her past. She’s also learning what triggers her flashbacks and willingly submits to them. The more she learns about herself, the more Ella is resolved to learn the complete truth. I absolutely love that about her. I love she is focused and driven and unwilling to compromise. She won’t back down for anyone or anything, including Kayden.

In Demand, a true partnership seems to form between Ella and Kayden. I love that Kayden seems to see Ella as his equal and as an asset. He doesn’t just want a warm body to come home to at night. They have such a unique bond because there is something in Ella’s past that connects them. It does cause a level of distrust between the couple; they both need to know they can trust and rely upon one another. Kayden needs to protect his identity as The Hawk and Ella needs to know that Kayden will always be honest with her. This seems to be an issue they resolve quickly as their partnership develops. Whatever Kayden knows about Ella’s past, he realizes that it’s pointless to keep it from her and that it’s easier to help her recover her memories. I also really, really love that Kayden and Ella decide not to hide. There are legitimate dangers to Ella’s life but their instinct is flight instead of fight. Kayden takes Ella out in public, putting her right in the path of someone from her past. They deal with Detective Gallo head-on, together. I love their partnership and truly, I cannot say enough about their relationship as a whole. They are one of the best couples that I have read in a long time.

The best thing about these series that Lisa Renee Jones creates is how intricate the plots become with each book. The first book is only the surface of what she’s created. Demand reveals a little bit more of what happened to Ella; who is and who isn’t after her, who the mysterious man is from her flashbacks, and who she was growing up. And there are also some treats too! We get a little bit of Chris and Sara and even Blake Walker! Ahh the cross-over! And, Lisa has promised her readers more Chris and Sara in the third book too! But, still, I want so much more and I know that the third book is really going to deliver.

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