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I am a fan of the Inside Out series and was excited to find out – finally – what happened to Ella!


5 stars


Ella awakes alone in Italy, no longer sure of who she is. One thing is certain: a gorgeous man has claimed her as his own. He’s tall, dark, and sexy, the kind of rich, powerful man who makes a girl long to be possessed. And possess her he does, whispering wicked promises in her ear, indulging her deepest desires, stealing her trust—and her cautious heart. Soon, though, she discovers that nothing is as it seems. The truth will shatter her world, but it will also set her free…if it doesn’t destroy her first.

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If you’re a fan of the Inside Out series, then you’ve been waiting for what seems like forever for Lisa Renee Jones answer a very important question: what happened to Ella?? Ella, after all, is the catalyst that sends Sara chasing after Rebecca which leads her to Chris. So, what happened to this very minor but important character? Lisa Renee Jones has been teasing us, giving us little clues throughout the Inside Out series but ultimately denying us the full story. In Denial, we will finally get the beginning to the very long awaited answer to the question – what happened to Ella?

To recap, we know that Ella left San Francisco to elope in Paris. There also was one garbled, strange phone call to Sara. When Sara goes to Paris to track Ella down, Ella has all but vanished; there is no record of her eloping and it seems some shady and powerful characters are also interested in finding her. In Denial, Ella wakes up in an Italian hospital with total amnesia. She doesn’t even know her own name. The only thing she does know is that there’s a handsome stranger, Kayden Wilkins, who won’t leave her side and promises to protect her. The rest of the story focuses on Ella trying to regain her memories and perhaps Kayden’s own shady past.

The first thing I want to emphasize about this story is that after reading, I did not feel like the Ella in Denial and the Ella from the Inside Out series were the same person and that’s a good thing! Maybe it’s the memory loss, but the Ella in Denial is a boss. She seems more confident and sure of herself, despite amnesia. She’s feisty and demanding, which I really liked. And even though people are constantly trying to scare her away from Kayden, she follows her instinct and stays close to him. Kayden Wilkins becomes her true north, even after she finds out about his past. Even after she discovers he’s the leader of some weird underground ring of thieves, she still clings to him and accepts him as her protector.

The second thing about this story is that Lisa Renee Jones tells us in the beginning that she’s leaving us little clues about the mystery of Ella. There is a mob element in this book in the form of a powerful man named Niccolo. I thought about this element along with the fact that Kayden is the leader of a group of thieves who specialize in finding anything and I began to wonder…What if Kayden was sent to find Niccolo? What if he’s just lulling Ella into a false sense of security? So many questions still left unanswered!

I absolutely loved this book. It is one of Lisa Renee Jones’s best! The writing is amazing and the story just sucks you in from beginning to end. I seriously did not want to put it down. Lisa Renee Jones doesn’t give her fans a sense of closure, instead, she gives us a really sexy mystery that leaves us begging her to tell us more! More! Don’t let us wait for too long!!

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