Don’t Wake the Dead by C.C. Hunter-Amy’s Review

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I am a huge fan of the paranormal genre and am always looking for something new!


3 stars


My name is Zoe Thorne and I’m just an ordinary woman. My life is mundane, and that’s perfectly fine with me; I work a boring job, watch TV, read books, and sleep alone. There’s nothing special about me.

Except that I can see ghosts.

After suffering years of rejection due to my freakish ability, I’m determined to hide my “gift” from others. That is until I meet Malachi Flemming and his peculiar yet amusing friends. Mal hosts a paranormal web show titled The Wraith Files and when he discovers my talent, he offers me a job. Well, offer may not be the right word.

He won’t take no for an answer.

One night, we stumble across a spirit on the side of a deserted, country road. He seems lost and scared, convinced someone murdered him. Mal’s interest is piqued and he insists on helping me investigate the accident. The deeper we dig, the clearer it becomes that the killer doesn’t want us to discover the truth.

Desperate people will go to any lengths to keep their secrets buried. Sometimes it’s best not to wake the dead unless you plan to join them.



As a reader of paranormal I didn’t hesitate to pick up this book.
I was excited to see what kind of story we would get from a woman who could see dead people and the people who wanted to televise it.

I really enjoyed the storyline. There was action, suspense, tons of humor, with a little romance worked in. Teri was my favorite with her quick wit and banter.   She was dead but she didn’t let it slow her down.  It was eclectic group of characters all thrown together and somehow it just worked.

There wasn’t a real romantic aspect to this book.  Just a bit of hinting here and there.  I would have been happier with more romance in the book but, seeing as this is going to be a series I’ll have to wait and see if things heat up in book two.

Overall a quick, easy, and fun read.  I’m ready to see where this series will go next.

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