Everything I Need by Lucia Grace-Cassie’s Review

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Why I Read It

Lucia Grace knows how to pull at heartstrings and knows how to sprinkle the perfect amount of drama.

What I Rated It

4 stars

What It’s About

Keelynn Masters knows pain and loss. When she was sixteen, tragedy struck, and has relentlessly affected her life ever since. Most recently, when she lost her high school sweetheart in a tragic accident two years earlier. Her well-planned and organized life was working for her. Until Merrick Hughes slammed into her world and turned it upside down.

Former FBI agent Merrick Hughes lost everything. His reason to live and breathe. Now, his sole purpose in life is to serve retribution for all he’s lost. Until Keelynn Masters throws a wrench into his well-thought-out plans. Now, he’s out to exact revenge on those who took it all from him and to protect his second chance at love

Cassie’s Review 

Everything I Need is all about second chances, but not the stereotypical second chance love you may think of when it comes to the romances genre. Both characters know what true loss means and it was interesting to see how the two different tragedies shaped them in such drastically different ways.

Keelyn is warm, bright, and consuming. She is the sun. Despite the sadness she has chosen a path of light and happiness to try and fight (and kind of fake) her way through dealing with all her losses.

Merrick is “dark.” Not like fifty shades or anything of that nature, but he has let the revenge sought out to him and reversed it into his own. He has let his pain consume him to the point his perspective may be too narrow.

So the question is how do dark and light fit together? Perhaps it is the mixture of dark and light that create the perfect medium hue. The picture perfect light. The type of light that inspires artists.

This book was very good. It has lots of elements that most people who enjoy the FBI/cop/military man who tends take care of his then this is the perfect for you.

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