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falling away


Time spent with Jaxon Trent?? Heck yeah!!



Jaxon is the guy she’s supposed to avoid. K.C. is the girl he won’t let get away….

K. C. Carter has always followed the rules—until this year, when a mistake leaves her the talk of her college campus and her carefully arranged life comes crashing to a halt. Now she’s stuck in her small hometown for the summer to complete her court-ordered community service, and to make matters worse, trouble is living right next door.

Jaxon Trent is the worst kind of temptation and exactly what K.C. was supposed to stay away from in high school. But he never forgot her. She was the one girl who wouldn’t give him the time of day and the only one to ever say no. Fate has brought K.C. back into his life—except what he thought was a great twist of luck turns out to be too close for comfort. As they grow closer, he discovers that convincing K.C. to get out from her mother’s shadow is hard, but revealing the darkest parts of his soul is nearly impossible.…

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This was another OUTSTANDING novel from Penelope Douglas. Once I opened it up, I could not put it down. Penelope’s words and stories suck you right into her world. At the same time I was frantically turning pages, I wanted the whole thing to slow down so I could savor it.

I have been waiting for K.C to be redeemed since she cozied up to her best friend’s “enemy” and neighbor in Bully. While many readers vilified  K.C., I knew there had to be more to her story. We were treated to a small amount of it in Until You, but K.C. still remained a mystery.

Jaxon Trent is Jared’s younger brother, and most of what we knew about him was the tragic events surrounding his childhood. When we last see KC and Jax, they are just high school kids, but not anymore. They are all grown up now.

Falling Away picks up a few years after the gang has graduated from high school and are now in college.  K.C. has a bit of trouble in school and is sent home to complete community service, by tutoring high school students in creative writing. Jax attends a local college and still lives in the house Katherine, Jared’s mother (and now his), left to him when she moved in with her new husband. When K.C. comes back to Shelburne Falls, she moves into Tate’s house, right next door to Jax. The chemistry between the two of them is intense from the very start.

“He held my eyes, and I swear I felt high from his presence. I wish he wouldn’t look at me. I wished he hadn’t touched me. I wished he didn’t always knock me on my ass every time we were near each other.”

K.C. may have not had the best reputation from previous books, but she proves everyone wrong in Falling Away. Yes, her childhood sucked in a major way and for years, she allowed it to define her…but no more. K.C. is breaking away and blazing her own path. For the first time in her life, she is living for K.C. It was awe-inspiring to watch her go through that transformation and realize she has dreams of her own and she can now feel free to pursue them. But is Jax, one of those dreams she can go after? Even after all that time, she still thinks of him as a kid, a younger brother and not an equal… Jax is about to change all of that.

“This kid grew up,” he threatened in a deep voice, grinding his hard-on between my legs.”And you’re gonna fuckin’ find out.”

Jaxon Trent isn’t Jared and he needs for people to get that. He is carving out his own trail and doing a damn fine job at it. He spends his days volunteering and working, as well as attending college. Jax doesn’t do well with downtime and is obsessed with setting himself up for life. His reasons behind it are heartbreaking.  He refuses to admit it, but Jax is still battling the same demons from childhood and those demons are slowly winning.

Jax and K.C. bring out the best in each other, but they are still both completely shattered as individuals. They need to heal themselves before they can give everything to each other.  Jax and K.C. may seem destined for each other, there is so much ugly in each of their pasts, it will most definitely come between them. The question is, can they rise above it?

“Only. Ever. You.”

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