Fear Us by B.B. Reid – Katie’s Review

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I loved the first two books in the Broken Love series.


5 stars



It’s been four years since I ran away—from home, my brother, and my maybe father. I created a life free of expectations while pretending I wasn’t being hunted by all of the above. I managed to stay under the radar all this time… or so I thought. When big brother shows up and saves my ass, I’m forced to face everything I left behind, including her.


It’s been four years since I became another statistic. I made a lot of mistakes when it came to Keenan Masters. The first was loving him at all. He took something from me the night he left, and when I told him I still loved him, he told me he’d always hate me. After that, I learned how to be okay… until he came back. Gone was the boy who always knew how to make me laugh, and in his place was a cold, arrogant monster.


Keenan Masters is an a**h**e. There are so many other adjectives that I could use to describe him, but this one might be the most fitting. I also might love him. I know that sounds like a completely contradictory sentence, but B.B. has found a way to make you feel both of these emotions at the same time.

Fear Us is book three in the Broken Love series, and should be read after Fear Me and Fear Us, as there is significant background on the relationship between Sheldon (Shelly) and Keenan, as well as family history in the prior books. Shelly and Keenan dated through most of high school. Fear Us picks up four years after the end of high school, and when Keenan leaves town without a trace, leaving Shelly behind. Keenan was always the fun loving, easy going player of the group. But Keenan has changed. He is no longer the man he was when he left town. A dark, sinister shell of a man has taken his place. Shelly has changed her life as well, and is hell bent on not falling back into Keenan’s trap. They must find a way to work together to retrieve something precious that has been stolen.

Fear Us made me feel all sort of emotions. At some points, I wanted to wring Keenan’s neck, slap him in the back of the head, then knee him in the balls; while other parts will have you close to tears when your heart breaks right along with his, and you just want to hold him while he cries. The warring emotions during a few of the scenes had me literally setting down my Kindle to glance around, ensuring no one can see the disturbing and insane thoughts running through my head.

Some of the things Shelly and Keenan did had me trying to figure out how either of them could come back from this and redeem themselves, but yet I was secretly rooting for them to do it. Some of the erotic scenes made me feel slightly uncomfortable because I enjoyed them so much, which added to the warring emotions I felt reading this book. I loved it!

Fear Us is a broken love story, dark and erotic; if you enjoy that genre, then you will love this book!

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