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Why not? Have you seen the authors that contributed to this novel? Plus, I loved the idea of different authors writing different chapters.


4 stars


Verity Michaels is new to New York City, but even she knows riding in a stolen a cab is not a normal way to meet someone. Damn it if that tattoo-covered would-be felon isn’t everywhere now, and lighting everything on fire under her skirt.

His name is Hudson Fenn, and he’s frustratingly impossible to pin down. He works as a bike messenger, but has the manners of a prince—along with a strange tendency toward breaking and entering. As much as Verity knows he’s not her type, and likely to land her in jail, she can’t help but find her truest self when they’re together.

Can she be brave enough to give Hudson a real chance? Will he be bold enough to reveal the man beneath the ink, or will his secrecy doom their connection? Also, WTF is the deal with Verity’s boss? No less than thirteen of your favorite romance writers have teamed up to tell this sexy, wacky, snort-inducing tale. With them you’ll visit the world’s most irritating office, a VIP room of questionable cleanliness, and the fanciest apartment a bike messenger has ever inhabited, but you’ll still never see this ending coming.

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I had no idea what to think about a book written by thirteen different authors, each writing different chapters. Would the writing flow or would it feel stunted and choppy? Would the characters be developed, or would we only get to know them on the surface? And the big one? What was the even about, seeing as I signed up to review it based on the authors, knowing nothing about the story? I’m a reader who is very cautious about the books I choose. So, it goes without saying, I was a little nervous when I started.

Felony Ever After takes off like a shot and never slows down. It’s a fast-paced, wild ride that keeps you on your toes. Each time a chapter would end, I couldn’t wait to see what the next author would do with what they were given. This was a book that I couldn’t put down and come back to. I had to get all of the answers and I had to have them NOW!!

“You just seem…dangerous–like someone I should stay away from.”
“Dangerous,” he repeated. “Okay, so you do like me, but that scares you because I’m different than the straight-laced guys you’re used to.”
“Don’t put words in my mouth.”
“Would you prefer something else?”

Verity and Hudson are thrown together when the cab they are sharing (much to Verity’s dismay), is involved in a road rage altercation. After that, it seems they can’t escape each other. Hudson is determined to get to know Verity, and Verity is just as determined to stay far, far away from the mysterious, tattooed, felonious looking man. You know Hudson is going to win her over, but watching them get there was equal parts delightful and hysterical. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I laughed out loud at Verity’s thought process and then swooned at something the sweet, sometimes possessive (super hot), Hudson said or did.  This book had so many thing going for it. I loved the tweets and the hash tags had me in hysterics. Their nicknames for each other were sweet and familiar.  My only complaint? I need more Hudson and Verity!

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