Fighting for Honor by JB Salsbury – Katie’s Review

Why I read it

 I loved the original Corps Security men, and I was excited to see what JB could bring to this world!

What I rated it

What it’s about

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author JB Salsbury brings her Fighting series to Harper Sloan’s Hope Town in this Kindle Worlds exclusive, Fighting for Honor.

UFL fighter Caleb hasn’t been to Hope Town since he was eighteen. His next big fight takes place in Atlanta and the serene lakefront home from his childhood is the perfect place to train without distractions.

Until he stumbles downstairs to find a woman in his house. He’s met her before, and he’s never forgotten.

Honor was raised by her grandfather, Crazy Colonel Cartwright. Ostracized at a young age she was an outcast. Combined with her awkward personality and she became the local bully’s favorite plaything.

Honor and Caleb come face-to-face and feelings from fourteen years ago come rushing back—not all of them good.

She prefers to remain unknown, but she’s seen in public with the world’s most talked about fighter and thrust into a national spotlight that catches the attention of her childhood tormentors.

And they aren’t finished with her yet.

Katie’s Review

Wow! I LOVED this book! I have always loved the Fighting series by JB, but she brings an entirely new depth to my appreciation in this novella featuring Caleb and Honor!

I loved how JB was able to blend the Corps Security vibe of danger and drama with the raw vulnerability of big tough men, and emotions you are used to feeling with the Fighting series. She walked that line between the two worlds like a champ!

This novella was a perfect blend of sexy fighters, danger, suspense and in-depth character development. One of my biggest pet peeves in a book is when a simple misunderstanding is blown out of proportion and drug out for the sake of continuing a plot line. JB makes everything seem so realistic, which is a rare and truly treasured ability in a writer.

I love  good second chance romance! Caleb has been carrying a flame for “Bug” since they were young teenagers on the beach one summer. Now he is an accomplished, world-renowned fighter. When she is hired to clean his house and cook for him when he returns to town, you just KNOW the sparks are going to fly!

I really really loved this book, and for anyone who is a fan of the fighting series… wait, scrap that; anyone who is a fan of a good book will LOVE Fighting For Honor!

Fighting For Honor is part of the Corps Security in Hope Town Kindle World novellas, but can be read in the Fighting Series, In the Corps Security Series, or even as a standalone.

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