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fighting for itFIGHTING FOR IT

by Jennifer Fusco


The blurb really caught my interest.


3 stars


“When walls came down between them, he couldn’t be stopped. He wanted to consume her, claim her, because with her he could take on the rest of the world”

Jack Brady and Daniella “Dani” Chambers are both fighting for redemption in Jennifer Fusco’s new book Fighting for It. Jack Brady is a boxer looking to redeem himself after a devastating loss, but after the sudden death of his manager and mentor, Jack doesn’t have much fight left in him. Daniella Chambers returns to Las Vegas to take over her father’s gym and to get his prize fighter, Jack Brady, back in the ring. Jack and Dani have a history but they’re willing to work together to save not only Jack’s career but the gym Dani’s father worked so hard to build. Together, Jack and Dani work through problem after problem to get Jack ready for the fight of his career. Jack and Dani’s new partnership gives them a second chance at rekindling their romance and gives Jack the opportunity to prove to Dani that she can count on him.

I was excited to read this book because it’s set in Las Vegas, a place I called home for nine years and revolves around the sport of boxing, which is something I enjoy watching. It took me a while to really get into this book; the story starts off slow and but finally picks up, coincidentally, when Dani and Jack finally give in to their emotions and get it on. I really enjoyed the story and it sucked me in emotionally but there were things that kept me from fully buying into the story. First, the writing itself isn’t that compelling; it doesn’t draw in the reader. Second, I feel like Fusco spent too much time weaving multiple subplots that she missed an opportunity with the climax. Jack’s big fight was disappointing and very anti-climactic. Third, the last third of the book is spent hastily wrapping up those subplots. I like a good satisfying ending and while I was happy with this book’s ending, I felt like, as the reader, I was rushed to its inevitable end.

This is the first book in The Ringside Series. I’m intrigued by the cast of characters Fusco creates to see this through to the second book. Hopefully, she’ll deliver a knockout.

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