Fighting to be Free by Kirsty Moseley – Katie’s Review

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Why I read it

I loved other works by this author, and the blurb was enticing.

What I rated it

4 stars

What it’s about

All his life, people have told Jamie Cole that he was born bad. Maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not. But that doesn’t matter now. Because after a lifetime of demons, Jamie has finally found an angel.

Ellie Pearce learned the hard way that boys can’t be trusted. But the night she meets Jamie, something shifts. He’s different: brooding, a bit dark, determined to change. The connection they share is intense, compelling. Ellie tries to resist, but with each breathtaking kiss, she can’t help falling deeper.

Things between Ellie and Jamie are perfect-and perfection can’t last. When fate goes horribly wrong, Jamie’s only hope of saving his family is to strike a deal with the devil. Most of all, Jamie wants to prove he’s the person Ellie believes him to be. But if she learns just how much he’s been hiding, Ellie won’t be able to believe anything Jamie has ever told her . . .

leaf dividerKatie’s Review

It took me forever to write this review, because there are so many things I wanted to say, but I felt everything I wanted to say was going to give too much away! I was hooked from the first page on this book. Kirsty really knows how to write with all the feels and get those hooks in deep with her readers. I knew picking this book up, I wasn’t in for light and fluffy with this read, and I was not wrong.

Some parts of the book, I wanted to skip ahead to the ending, just to know that everything was going to work out and be okay. I found myself having to physically put the book down and walk away so I wasn’t tempted to do just that, and I am so glad that I didn’t. I experienced the book as Kirsty intended.

Let’s talk about the hero, Jamie for a minute. From the outside looking in, he is everything your mother warned you about: the stereotypical bad boy. But is that who he really is? All initial evidence points to this being the case, but things are never as they seem in Moseley world, are they? Jamie wormed his way into my heart very quickly as I saw how much he cared for and protected Ellie. He may have a shady past, but he loves Ellie something fierce.

Ellie loves Jamie something fierce, but is she blinded by this love, or is she really not noticing all the signs? I was puzzled by this, but all will be explained in time, I believe.

There is a good mix of danger and suspense, but Kirsty has managed to blur the lines between good and evil, adding more dimensions to not only the hero and heroine, but those they love, both the good guys and bad guys. I hope we see more of some other characters from the book in future releases!

Kirsty is  known for her gut wrenching, nail biting tension and storylines, and this one does not disappoint. The ending is a cliffhanger, but book 2 will be out before the year is up, and I know I will be impatiently waiting for the sequel!

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