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I was first introduced to Katherine’s work when reading Felony Ever After.  I loved the humor and romance in her portion of the story, so when she released Going Down I jumped at the chance to review.  It was fantastic and I was left wanting more from Cici and Cole.  I lucked out and she wrote this follow up novella and I got just what I needed from this crazy couple!


A recipe for a perfect Thanksgiving disaster:
Add 1 cup of contagious disease
2 cups of secrets
Stir in too much family togetherness
Sprinkle on some awkward porn viewing
Heat at 350 degrees

A year after Going Down, Cole and Cici are still crazy about each other. Despite their relationship no longer being a secret, they can’t seem to catch a break. All Cici wanted was one perfect holiday, and all Cole wanted was dibs on some cranberry sauce.
As usual, Cici has a carefully laid out plan. And as usual, the universe has a different—more hilarious—plan. Will Cici be able to give up her idea of perfection and go with the flow?
Sometimes letting go is the secret to getting off.


4 stars

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This book is choke on air because you are laughing so hard funny.  Between the piñata porn, penis jokes, and crazy family antics I don’t think I ever really stopped laughing.  Cici is in true form with her outfits for every possible occasion,  her strive to make this holiday absolutely being dashed merely seconds after they arrive, and her full protective suit to play “touch football”.

Cole’s family is perfection with the bickering, sibling rivalry, loads of embarrassment, and a lot of love.  This story could have happened around any Thanksgiving table.  The fact that it was so relatable to a Thanksgiving had with my family really made this story stick out for me.

Kathrine’s humor and ability to make a storyline flow flawlessly from start to finish is quickly making her a one click author for me!

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When Katherine Stevens isn’t writing, she can usually be found opening juice boxes and looking for lost shoes. Her kids keep her quite busy and always zig-zagging across the line of sanity. She is a lifelong Texan with a terrible sense of direction and even worse memory. She thinks life is entirely too hard if you don’t laugh your way through it.

As a child, she dreamed of being the most sarcastic astronaut in history, but her poor math skills and aversion to dehydrated food kept her out of the space program. Now she writes to pass the time until NASA lowers their standards. Your move, NASA.

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