GUS by Kim Holden — Jacque’s Review



It’s been on my watch list since I became aware it was being written.



This is the story of Gus. 
Losing himself. 
Finding himself. 
And healing along the way. 

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What can I say about GUS other than THANK YOU Kim Holden.  After reading and being so affected by Bright Side I had no idea how you were going to give us something just as special…but you did!  I don’t know if it was your intention but your books have been a reminder to me of how precious and short life really is. 

Although we learned the depth of Gus and Kate’s relationship in Bright Side, by having Gus’ perspective, we understand it even more.  There are several times when we are transported back in time to relive their life together.  Those were the hardest moments for me.  You will fall in love with Kate all over again because you feel how deep her love is for Gus.  She knew her death would destroy him

“because I can’t even imagine our roles being reversed.  I can’t imagine losing you.  I don’t  know what I would do without you Gus.  You’ve been the one person I’ve clung to my entire life.  You’re my life preserver.”

The way their relationship and unconditional love is projected throughout the book is amazing and so true to life.  If you have ever find yourself in a relationship like theirs, consider yourself truly blessed.

We see a new relationship form between Gus and Scout in a slow and not so easy way but yet, beautiful on it’s own.  We see her stepping in, even without her knowledge, and helping him to heal.  Not only him but we start to see everyone that was around Bright Side start moving away from grief and starting the healing process.

I always feel her in my heart these days, because that’s where she lives.  I walk around with her inside me every day.  

We see a lot of Keller and Stella, which we all needed.  Of course there’s the guys from ROOK and Gus’ mom is always there to support him emotionally…and his father, the “maestro”, has a great part in the book.  It’s nice to see Kim bring them back into the story the way she did.

As I write this review (days after finishing GUS), I am SOBBING again just reliving it.  Bright Side and GUS are two must read books.  If you haven’t read them yet, you are actually lucky because they are probably best read back to back.  You will be emotionally drained after Bright Side but don’t be afraid to read GUS like I originally was.  It is soooo worth it.  Put them both at the top of your TBR list. 

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