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I loved the first three books in the series. I needed to know how it ends.


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Colin McKinney has wanted three things since he met Caroline “Charlie” Collins when he was a junior at Texas A&M University: to make her his wife, play professional football, and have a family. In the first three books of the Infinity Series, Colin and Charlie met, fell in love, broke apart, reunited eight years later, and got married. In the years they were separated, Colin became the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but was still chasing his Super Bowl dream. Charlie graduated from Harvard Medical School, fulfilling her dream of becoming a doctor. In “Infinity.”, Charlie and Colin are facing their toughest challenge as a couple yet—finding the balance between their personal lives and career goals. Both are still fighting to have it all. In the final installment of the Infinity Series, will Colin get everything that he’s always dreamt of? And do Colin and Charlie ultimately find their happiness? 

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Colin McKinney and his teammates have a phrase they use whenever they pull of a miraculous play. Pure F***ing Magic.

In this case, PFM stands for the magic that is Infinity. Simply, Layne Harper has done it again. When I finished Finding Infinity, I was perfectly content with the ending we had for Charlie and Colin. Everyone always wants more when they are in love with the characters, but I felt we left them at a good place in their lives. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Layne was releasing a fourth book…and what a book it was. Infinity gave us the final glimpse into the McKinney’s that we didn’t know we wanted, but now that we have, we couldn’t live without it.

Infinity picks up a year after we witnessed Charlie and Colin’s surprise nuptials. Colin’s team has won the Super Bowl and Charlie is pregnant. Life seems to be on the right path for these two, whom have come so far and endured more strife than most people do in a few lifetimes.  Being the QB of a super bowl winning team, and first time parents is, unfortunately, not an easy feat, and we get to see Colin and Charlie struggle to maintain the balance they have fought for years to have.

One of the beautiful qualities of the Infinity series is that, while a fairytale, it’s hard fought one. From the very beginning, there are obstacles on the road to lifelong happiness for Colin and Charlie. They claw and fight for every victory. Love did not come easy to them and the beauty of that is, that is real life. Too often, we read stories of couples who fall in love from across a crowded room and life is just perfect… Not the case for the McKinney’s and I think that is what drew me to this story. Colin and Charlie push to be the family and couple they WANT to be, not who people are telling them they should be.  My favorite quote in the book is, “You’ll probably hear some arguing, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t love each other. It just means that sometimes we love each other a little too loudly.“ That right there… is true life.

There are plenty of ups and downs in their story, and while I don’t want to give any of them away, I can guarantee you will close the book and feel fulfilled and satisfied.  That is what Layne Harper does. You are drawn so deeply into the story, that you are a part of the ride that Colin and Charlie are on. You feel their pain and their happiness as if you were experiencing it.  This book, and series is a MUST READ.


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