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The blurb and cover hooked me. I was also given an advanced reader’s copy.




From International Best Selling Romance Novelist, Hope Hughes, comes a gripping, heartfelt tale of two lovers, fighting for the freedom to…

No. Scratch that. Too cheesy.

…two people, torn apart by the tumultuous tides of life, only to discover refuge in…

WTF? What does that even mean? DELETE.

…two people, confused as shit as to where they should be and who they should love and none of this means a damn thing because it’s all lies!
I’m not Hope Hughes. I’m not some fierce woman romance machine. Hell, I’m not even a woman.
I’m a liar.
And while I refuse to believe my own BS, deceit masked in heartfelt phrases of love and devotion, I want to make her believe them. Because maybe–just maybe–if she can find the soul within my words, she’ll also be able to find the truth scribbled on my heart.
You see, I once lived for the perfect plot twist.
I just never expected to actually live it.
This is my story. Well, maybe her story. I just wish I could make it our story.
The one I’m still writing.

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I finally read a book by S.L. Jennings! Her books have been sitting on my TBR list forever and the opportunity to read and review Ink & Lies gave me an excuse to finally meet S.L. Jennings, author. One of the best things that I can say about this book is that there are some surprising elements. There are also some predictable elements to this story as well but S.L. Jennings has a fresh voice that puts a new spin on the friends-to-lovers theme.

Ink & Lies centers around Rhys, who wants to be the next Hemingway or Faulkner but settles for being the next E.L. James. He is good at romance, like really good. He has a way with words that will melt the panties of any woman he meets. He’s also a serial bachelor and firmly against settling down. Typically, Rhys has a rotation of women that he can call upon when he needs “inspiration” but the only woman he truly has room for in his life is his best friend Fiona. The thing about Rhys is that he’s predictable. Right away, I picked up on his jealousy over Fiona’s boyfriend and knew that eventually, he was going to realize he was in love with his best friend. Rhys and Fiona have a rhythm and a routine, and when that is threatened, Rhys finally realizes what he’s had all along – the one.

Fiona is probably the most surprising element to this story. I could predict Rhys’s behavior but not Fiona’s. S.L. Jennings creates such a complex character because Fiona just wants to be noticed. She’s had a disastrous love life, which she narrates for Rhys, but she desperately wants to be loved. She wants someone to notice her and that’s what really tugged at my heart. Fiona’s struggle to be noticed, to be loved, is so relatable. Haven’t we all been in love with our best guy friend, waiting for him to finally get a clue and make his move? Haven’t we all had to finally come to our senses, give up and move on? Her struggle and heartache truly make this story.

S.L. Jennings tells Rhys and Fiona’s story in a unique way. She provides her readers with a first-person narration but adds a story-within-a-story element. Every time Rhys is inspired to write, she shows the reader the scene as it’s plotted out in his mind. This little peak into Rhys’s mind lets readers experience his “AHA!” moment, the moment he discovers exactly how he feels and who has been waiting for him.

I really liked Ink & Lies. I strongly recommend that you read it because it’s a refreshing take on friends-to-lovers. S.L. Jennings has a unique voice and she doesn’t need to fill her story with gratuitous sex scenes because she’s crafted a really great story that truly focuses on a relationship. If you didn’t get this book at it’s amazing pre-order price, then one-click it anyway. You won’t be sorry.

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