Jacque’s Top Reads of 2016

Right by Jana Aston

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If you loved Wrong by Jana Aston – you will definitely love RIGHT!!!  Everly is so funny!!! Professor Camden who?  Put Jana Aston on your TBR!  You will not be disappointed!

Torn by Carian Cole

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This was my most anticipated, favorite cover and favorite book of 2016. I always knew this was going to be a great love story.  I wasn’t sure how Carian was going to address Tor and Kenzie’s relationship and the age difference but she handled it perfectly.  It was everything that I thought it could be and also more than I expected.  I recommend the entire Ashes and Embers series too.  It really should be read to get the background needed for TORN.

Deep Redemption by Tillie Cole

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I think almost everyone knows that The Hades Hangmen is one of my favorite series.  Pretty much one of Tillie’s books is always on my favorite books list for the year..  You really should read this series in order.  You can then make your own decision if Cain was able to redeem himself.  One of my most anticipated reads of the year.

Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon

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This series was recommended to me by author Elle Christensen and my first thought was that I have never read a Sci-Fi romance novel so I was never going to like these.  I really thought they just weren’t for me..  Well how happy am I that I gave that first book a try!  Every single one of them are so good.  I can’t get enough of them!  You have to try them!  You too will fall in love with those big blue aliens!  And if you have KU this series makes it all worth it because they are all on KU.

The Nine Minutes Trilogy by Beth Flynn

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This is hands down one of the best trilogies I have ever read.  I am #TeamGrizz all the way but I have a soft spot for Grunt. A MUST READ!!!  These books are not stand alones and must be read in order.

Yours to Bare by Jessica Hawkins


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This is Finn and Halston’s story and you must, must, must read First Taste first!   Finn deserves his HEA!  You have to read this story.  It’s my favorite from Jessica Hawkins so far and that says a lot since I love all of her work.

Mr. Perfect by JA Huss

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This book was my introduction into the world of the Misters.  This book had me laughing so hard…for those of you who’ve read it I’ll give you a hint when I really lost it…the slide!  I was already a fan of JA Huss but the Mister books are my favorite reads of her.  You will love them all!

Some Sort of Happy by Melanie Harlow

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Gotta love Sebastian!  Oh the struggles he goes through!  You feel all of his emotions!  Such a great read!  This is one of my favorite re-reads!

After We Fall  by Melanie Harlow

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Oh you will fall in love with Jack and feel for him with all that he’s gone through!  Enter Margot –  the rich, city girl.  She is definitely not what he needs in his life…so he thinks!  Check this one out!  It’s been pushed to the top of my favorites of Melanie Harlow.

So Much More by Kim Holden

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This was such a great story from the perspective of the 3 main characters.  You have to read this book.  Watch how easy it is to love and be loved!  You will fall in love with Seamus!!!

Franco by Kim Holden

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Kim Holden has given us another great story stemming from the Bright Side book.  You will fall in love with Franco and Gemma.  They are so good together!!!  “God bless the wankers!”

The Letters by Lesley Jones

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This was the perfect ending to a perfect saga.  If you loved the Carnage books, don’t be afraid to read this as I originally was (and I always want more Carnage).  You will love all of the characters a little bit more when you are done.  And it may bring you some closure (maybe just a little).  

Spiralling Skywards Falling by Lesley Jones

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Oh Liam and Sarah!  I loved the way this book was going and I was getting really excited about a HEA… when I was suddenly thrown into a cliffhanger!

Spiralling Skywards Fading by Lesley Jones

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This book took a different turn that I thought it would but it really put life and the issues that we all experience into perspective.  A great story.  I thought it was very true to life.

The Baller by Vi Keeland

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This was my favorite read so far from Vi Keeland on her own!  I laughed so hard in this book.  Delilah and Brody had such great chemistry!  

Filthy Rich by Raine Miller

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I loved this book!!! I really don’t have much more to say except that if you are an Ethan Blackstone fan you will absolutely love Caleb!  Bring on more Blackstones Raine Miller!!!


Only His Touch by Lilly Wilde

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Aiden and Aria are one of the hottest couples out there!  This is book four of the UNTOUCHED series.  As I always say if you are looking for new author and new series you have to check out Lilly Wilde and this series.  One of the best I’ve read.

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