Jock by CM Foss – Katie’s Review

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Why I Read It

I really enjoy the friend to lovers, growing up together stories.

What I Rated It

4 stars

What It’s About


She can’t stand them.

Hates them.

Refuses to be one.


Tessa Brooks is strong-willed, sassy, and determined, on the brink of dominating in the testosterone-fueled sport of horse racing. She’s spent her life avoiding the norm, staying true to herself to achieve her ultimate goals.

Her relationship with Jace Hitchen, her brother’s best friend, just might be the biggest cliche of all. Over the years, he’s been her protector, her annoyance, her confidante, her crush. But giving in to what she’s really wanted for the last ten years could be the very thing that destroys everything she’s worked for and wanted. Can Tessa achieve her dreams for the future, but still hold on to the past?

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Katie’s Review

Jock was a very sweet read. I loved how the book runs in chronological order, and we get to see the progression of the relationship between Jace and Tessa. You get to see the progression from innocent friendship to lovers. Through the entire book, you can see that not only are they lovers, but best friends as well.

Tessa is a very strong willed and determined woman. I do appreciate when a woman is strong and can stand on her own two feet. There were a few times I wish she would have let her guard down sooner, but the waiting keeps you riveted to the storyline.

Jace is a very patient and confident man. Once he made up his mind to do something, he did whatever it took to accomplish his goals. I never felt that he was on the fence. Once he decided he wanted something, in this case, Tessa, he pulled out all the stops to accomplish his goal.

Some scenes of the back story I wished I could have more details, such as Tessa’s 16th birthday, but the sex scenes more than made up for it! The chemistry between Jace and Tessa was explosive after years of build up! I found myself rereading these scenes, they were that good!

I loved how the author tackled a lesser known, but still very real issue in the horse racing circuits, and that is the very minimal weight that jockeys can gain. From the author’s portrayal, it seems that there is a lot of pressure put onto these athletes to ensure they weigh in at their lowest they can to secure better race horses. I have never realized that they go through this, and it makes me look at the sport with fresh eyes.

Overall, this was a fun, easy read, and I really enjoyed it!

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