KANE’S HELL by Elizabeth Finn – Jacque’s Review

kane's hell


I LOVE Elizabeth Finn’s books!!!


5 stars


Kane and Helene were the best of friends until a nightmare devastated them… Hopes were destroyed, dreams shattered, a budding teenage love torn to pieces. Eleven years later their lives are nothing like they once were. Time has changed them … and not for the better.

Helene is smart, driven, and accomplished—her education and achievements a smoke screen hiding the frigid and fragile child wounded long ago.

Kane is equally obsessed with his coping mechanisms—fighting … drinking … screwing … compulsively destroying himself one vice at a time.

When their paths collide again, their past becomes an obstacle no coping mechanism in the world can protect them from. But confronting the past so they can heal in the present is no easy task. Can Kane reach Helene and recapture what used to burn so warmly between them, or will his own self destructive demons pull her into his hell?

A woman determined to look forward. A man always looking back. A love desperate to be restored.

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  Kane and Helene are best friends and on the brink of creating their own love story until, on one fateful night, that is destroyed.  That night changes them forever.  Kane runs away and Helene does not know how he can leave her alone to deal with what happened between them.  It takes eleven years to pass before they see each other again.  Years of pain, avoidance and distracting herself with school for Helene and a path of self sabotage for Kane.  Kane has returned and is putting himself right back into Helene’s life.  The same feelings that were there eleven years ago come crashing back for both of them.  Helene needs to understand why he wasn’t there for her and Kane needs to come to grips with more than just what happened between THEM that night.

  Another book hangover for me!  I could not put it down.  Knowing how the two felt about each, then reading what happens to them, had me instantly hooked. I had to see if they find their way back to each other.  This is a story of truth, forgiveness and understanding for both as well as Kane needing, after all this time and for his own sanity, to be accountable for other actions that happened that night.

KANE’S HELL is another hit by Elizabeth Finn.  She once again does not disappoint!  She always writes great love stories with some very steamy scenes mixed in!  As the reader, you feel the emotions Kane and Helene shared as teenagers and sad those emotions were not able to be played out.  But we do get to experience them again as they are older and that is what I love in a book.  If it is going to rip me apart emotionally, I need to be put back together!!!

Elizabeth really got it right with this title.  I love it when there is a hidden meaning in the title of a book that I’m not aware of when I first crack it open.

Helene has always been Kane’s Hell.

“You’ll always be my Hell.  And I like that.”


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