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Can rock n’ roll’s most notorious bad boy be tamed by love?

As the lead singer of Stage Dive, Jimmy is used to getting whatever he wants, whenever he wants it-now he’s caught up in a life of hard partying and fast women. When a PR disaster serves as a wake-up call and lands him in rehab, he finds himself with Lena, a new assistant hired to keep him out of trouble.

Lena’s not willing to take any crap from her sexy boss and is determined to keep their relationship completely professional, despite their sizzling chemistry. But when Jimmy pushes her too far, he just might lose the best thing that’s ever happened to him. Can he convince his stubborn assistant to risk it all and let her heart take the lead?

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Throughout the first two Stage Dive books, Jimmy Ferris has remained a bit of a mystery. We know he is David’s brother and the lead singer of Stage Dive. We also know he has an addiction problem that has been splashed all over the news. He is out of rehab and the band wants him to have a “sober companion.” Someone to be with him 24/7 to make sure he never slips again, because, if he does, he is out of the band permanently. Problem is, Jimmy doesn’t seem to be meshing with anyone of the people working for him. When the band spots Lena giving Adrian hell in his offices, they know she is the perfect fit to keep Jimmy in line.  Jimmy doesn’t make it easy on Lena. He is still his surly self, but she is slowly breaking down his walls. Another problem…. She’s also falling for him while doing it. When Lena tells Jimmy she wants to quit and it’s because she is starting to have feelings for him, he launches a plan to get her over him. The only purpose it serves is to confuse Jimmy about his feelings. When Lena gets tight with one of the bands roadies, Jimmy sees red. He doesn’t want Lena, but doesn’t want anyone else to have her either.

This book was very different from the first two. David and Mal were both very likeable characters. Jimmy is not. He spends most of the time grunting, being angry and giving Lena a hard time. It’s hard to see how she can be interested in him. Sure he’s good looking, but his personality leaves a lot to be desired. He needs Lena and is dependent on her, but he refuses to break down the walls he uses to protect himself. I really liked that there was no instant love in this book. None whatsoever. There isn’t even any sex until deep in the story. There is a touch here or a glance there and it all builds up until it explodes… but it’s not pretty. Nothing about their “relationship” is. Lena is a fantastic character. She is strong and steady. She gives back all the crap that Jimmy dishes out at her. She is not some flighty girl obsessed with a rock star. Her snarky comebacks balanced out the comfort she provided to Jimmy when he needed it. In the end, I really liked it, just not as much as Lick or Play, and I think the reason for that was there was no POV from Jimmy and the book really needed it. I think it would have given us a bit more insight into why he is so angry and maybe we would sympathize with him. I would love to have more from Jimmy and Lena but I can’t wait for Deep!!

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