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I’ve recently started reading books in the sports romance subgenre and liked the blurb of this book.


3 stars


It was meant to be the job opportunity of a life time.

It turned out to be so much more…

At the age of twenty five, Emma Lexington takes off to New York on a once in a life time twelve-month job exchange with the New York Warriors. Determined to make the most of the opportunity, she prepares herself for life in the big apple—fast paced, exciting and a whole lot of fun. What she hasn’t prepare for though, is meeting him.

The charming Will Jensen is in the prime of his playing career. As the star quarterback for the Warriors, his carefree, football centric life is thrown into disarray when he meets Emma, the beautiful, easy going Australian girl who joins the Warriors staff.

Unwilling to throw her professional reputation away on a fling with the playboy quarterback, Emma turns down Will’s advances, even though she can’t deny the attraction she feels for him. Their pull toward one another grows, but it takes a near disaster for Emma to finally give Will a chance.

Getting together might have been hard, but figuring out how to stay together will prove even more challenging as Emma must decide between conflicting loyalties.

Lexington and 42nd is a fun, sexy romance, set in the exciting world of the NFL in the fabulous city of New York.

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Sports romance is a very popular subgenre and many of the GoR ladies love it, including me. When we got the opportunity to review Lexington and 42nd by Kim Carmody, I signed up because I was on a sports romance kick and wanted to give this debut novel a shot.  Lexington and 42nd is a decent read. There wasn’t anything earth-shattering, gut-wrenching and emotional about this book. It’s a fairly simple story about a girl (Emma) who meets the popular quarterback (Will) but, for the sake of her career, does not want to get involved.

As debut novels go, Kim Carmody did a pretty decent job. She creates these two characters and drops them in one of the most popular cities in the world and uses one of the most well-known sports organization as her backdrop. I enjoyed watching the “thrill of the hunt”; Will pursues Emma with tenacity and really, doesn’t give up until Emma finally caves. Emma is strong in the sense that she doesn’t need a relationship with Will to define her. She is career-driven and focused and knows that a relationship with the quarterback will jeopardize all that she has worked to achieve. As character traits go, a reader couldn’t ask for more.

However, as this is a debut novel and it seems like perhaps Kim Carmody is going to publish more in this series, she could do a bit more research. When you’re writing about something as well known as the NFL, the research should be easy. Even though Kim Carmody is an Australian writer, it’s not difficult to find out that teams do not play exhibition games before they even go to training camp or that Super Bowl rings are not handed out at the game. These issues kept popping up and distracted me. I couldn’t focus on the relationship that was being built because I was too busy wondering whether or not it’s realistic for someone to get into a car accident so severe they had to be cut out and walk away with no injuries. This seriously happens in the book and I felt it was a missed opportunity to throw a little bit of emotion and drama into Emma and Will’s world.

Some bloggers might have DNF’d this book based on things that I mentioned but I wanted to give Kim Carmody a shot and felt that DNF’ing a debut novel that was mostly well-written wasn’t very fair. I have high hopes that the rest of this books in the series will only get better.

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