Living With Doubt by Riann C Miller – Jenn’s Review


I really liked the first book in the series, Living with Regret, and wanted to find out what would happen between their best friends.



She’s hiding from everyone…

I don’t need a happily ever after filled with fake promises, animosity and eventually a divorce to be content. I’m living the dream…my dream, regardless of what anyone thinks of me. My meager life was perfect until a cocky football player wormed his way into my existence.

Once upon a time, I played an unconscious role in my own life, a mistake I have no plans of repeating. I pride myself with my outspoken and frequently excessive nature. It’s the consistent reminder of the person I refuse to become ever again.

He’s the ultimate playboy…

Life is perfect. I’ve lived and breathed football since I was a kid, and now I’m making millions playing in the NFL. I keep women around for one reason, but never the same one. The only attachments I need are family and friends but life has a bizarre way of proving a person wrong. When a concussion leaves my best-friend’s life spinning out of control, the last thing I expected was to meet an outrageous woman who leaves me begging for more.

She lives in New York.
I live in Arizona.

She promised me one night, but I discovered that’s not enough. Now, I need to figure out if I’m a pro off the field because I’m about to play the biggest game of my life.


It appears I’m in the minority, but I really wanted to like this book. I really, really did. I absolutely loved the first book, Living with Regret. Chase and Jordan will go down as an all time favorite of mine, and Jake and Lacey were a big part of what made that book so great. I loved how combative Jake and Lacey were in the first book, and I thought that not only would that carry over fantastically in the bedroom, but it would bring a lot of angst into the story. I just knew there had to be so much more depth to Lacey and refused to believe Lacey was that big of a b***h.

Turns out, she was.

Lacey just never let up. Even as the book was drawing to a close, she kept her guard up, and at times, was so nasty to Jake, I couldn’t imagine why he hung around. No one would stick around to be treated like that. Even when we find out at the very end of the book the tragic story behind the reason for Lacey’s tough exterior, it’s too late. Unfortunately, she’s one of those characters that are just not redeemable.

Jake was the shining star of the book. I really loved the cocky, confident nature of his personality. He was larger than life, and he made me laugh more than a few times.

But it just wasn’t enough.

I just never felt the spark, the connection needed between the two main characters to fall completely in love with their story, and root for them to make it work. Sadly, this book was 40% Lacey being cranky, 40% Lacey dropping her panties anytime Jake came around, and 20% actual story. I really wanted more from it, and it just didn’t deliver.

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