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love to love you review


I met Isabelle Richards at Indies Invade Philly and was excited to read one of her books. I was also given an advanced reader’s copy.




After a long year of heartache and loss, Chase and Arianna pulled together the shattered pieces of their hearts and rebuilt a relationship that is stronger and more secure than ever before. Letting go of the mistakes of their past, their focus is on the future—their happily ever after.
Happily ever after…
Those three simple words are filled with so much promise, as though a wedding is the gateway to a lifetime of bliss. It sounds so easy.
When it comes to Chase and Arianna, nothing ever comes easy.
Now that Arianna is rebuilding her career and the start of the football season approaches, she and Chase are pulled in opposite directions. Hectic travel schedules, never ending work demands, and intense media scrutiny have the power shatter even in the most secure relationships Their relationship cracked under the pressure of their celebrity lifestyle in the past, for them to avoid repeating mistakes from the past, compromises will have to be made. Begging the question— how much are they willing to sacrifice? How far are they willing to go to save their relationship?
It’s one thing to say love can endure through “good times and in bad,” it’s quite another to mean it.

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I had the opportunity to meet Isabelle Richards at Indies Invade Philly this past year so when the review request came for Love to Love You, I jumped at the chance to finally read some of her work. I knew it was the third book in a series, which meant reading Hate to Love You and Love to Hate You first. I really didn’t think this would be a problem. I was expecting to get sucked into a sports romance featuring frenemies-to-lovers Arianna Aldrich and Chase Brennan. Instead, I got a long, boring snooze-fest filled with eight million different plot points.

Love to Love You is the third book in the Love/Hate series and really focuses on Chase. I really liked the first half of the book, where Chase is basically beat down from a scandal and Arianna risks her reputation to help him. I love the commitment that they have for each other; they give each other their unwavering support. I also liked the domino-effect that occurred too. Chase’s problems leak into Arianna’s career and reputation and suddenly it’s them vs. the world.  However, I really felt that once Chase’s scandal was resolved, the story should have ended. I knew I was in trouble when I read the note at the beginning telling the reader that Isabelle Richards intended for Love to Love You to be novella length but then she felt like there was more story to tell. I hate to say this, but there really wasn’t more story to tell. I felt like after Chase’s scandal is resolved and he does the unthinkable by winning a third Super Bowl, Arianna and Chase should have gotten married and lived happily ever after. The End. Instead, we get more obstacles that need to be resolved, and it makes the story drag on forever. With all of these subplots happening throughout the entire series, I really feel like Isabelle Richards takes away from the relationship of Arianna and Chase. As a reader, I want to get lost in an epic romance. Instead, I’m struggling through a story because obstacle after obstacle pops up and my emotional investment is gone.

I feel let down because I was excited to read something by Isabelle Richards. She’s a sweet person but there was just so much going on not only in Love to Love You but throughout the entire series. If you’ve stuck by Chase and Arianna, then you definitely owe it to yourself and to them to read this last installment of their story.

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