Love Unexpected by JC Santos – Amy’s Review

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After reading Inevitable Love, book one in the series, I knew I need more from all these characters.



Tegan Daniels is a twenty-one year old college student and a hopeless romantic. She knows her prince charming will eventually find her one day. Someone must be playing a warped joke on her when he comes into her life; Her perfect man with one huge character flaw—he despises love.

Charles Reed has never been a commitment type of man, except when it comes to his loyalty to the U.S. Navy. When a close friend’s sister moves to town he starts doubting his phobia of relationships. What he doesn’t expect is for her innocence to make him question everything in his life and from his past.

He never anticipated a girl like her would come into his life. She never thought she’d have to convince her dream man to give them a shot.

Sometimes the things we want most, require the most fighting for. Love is something unwanted by him and something desired by her; Neither expect to fall for the other.

Will this unexpected love end in their happily ever after?

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I was so looking forward to this book, I love alpha asshole guys and hidden romances. Reed and Tegan’s story did not disappoint! Their up and down relationship kept you guessing through out the book.

Tegan was sweet as pie always trying to make everyone happy. Not because she was letting people walk all over her but because she was strong enough to handle her problems and those of her friends and family. She always looked on the bright side of things and offered words of wisdom to help others through difficult times.

Reed is growly and surly most of the time. His past has made it difficult for him to trust and rely on people outside of his Navy team. Watching him grow as he let himself love was amazing. He had so much to give but had no idea how to do it.

With updates on Hunter, Sawyer, and Tessa. Having Marshall playing a huge roll as friend, confidant, and relationship guru to both Tegan and Reed I fell ever deeper in love with him. ( Why can’t he be my BFF?) And a developing story between Jo and J.C. this book had it all!

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