LUKAS by Carian Cole — Jacque’s Review



I’m a fan of the series and was given the ARC to read and review.




Storm’s younger cousin.

Vandal’s little brother.

You’ve met him in the background.

The sweet one.

The nice one.

The one they can all rely on.

The good one.

He’s a tattoo artist. He plays metal and classical music – on the violin.

He’s got a body built for sin.

He’s 24.

In comes Ivy. She’s a 36 year old single mom who hasn’t dated in 18 years.

All she wanted was a tattoo.

She got a helluva lot more 🙂

Being good has never been so bad. 

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Lukas Valentine is Vandal’s little brother and if you read Vandal’s book and know him, you know that Lukas is very different.  He is a kinder, gentler soul.  He is old beyond his years and at only 24, he is looking for that someone to marry.  And when he meets Ivy, he knows she’s the one.  She just happens to be recently separated and 12 years older than him.

Ivy thought she would be married to her husband forever.  So she was blindsided when she learns of his year long affair.  When he says he’s leaving her, and for a much younger woman, she is devastated.

When she meets her tattoo artist, Lukas Valentine, sparks instantly fly for both of them and with persistence from Lukas, Ivy gives in and they start seeing each other.  Their relationship is built on love and trust and even though their age difference is a big deal for Ivy, she knows Lukas and knows his feelings for her. They are the same as hers.

“…I’m going to tell you how precious you are to me, and I love you with everything that I am.  My soul recognized yours that day we first met.” (Ivy to Lukas)

When their relationship is put to the test, all of Ivy’s old insecurities resurface and she has to face them.

OK, so I have to admit that I don’t typically read many younger man/older woman books, but I have to say that LUKAS has definitely changed that for me.  I completely understood Ivy’s insecurities about their age differences and what she felt could happen to them over the years, especially with her husband leaving her for a younger woman.  But I could also feel Lukas’ feelings and I knew that he loved Ivy even before that was revealed.  Lukas, being who he is, was able to show her that he is not your average 24 year old and knows what he wants and that is Ivy. We all want that fairytale Prince Charming and Ivy definitely found that in Lukas!!!

“Not long ago, I wished on a shooting star in a dark parking lot with a man that captured my heart and soul the moment our eyes met.  I wished for one thing:  for all of his dreams to come true.  And within that, all mine came true too.”

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