Mirage by Alice Tribue – Jenn’s Review



A book about a Madame?? I couldn’t pass that up!



Everyone has their secrets…

I guard mine with my own life.

I am a madam, and it’s no easy job…

I’ll be damned if I let anyone destroy what I’ve built.

Not even him.

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Alice Tribue has quickly become one of my favorite authors. There is a ease that I enjoy from her books, and I always know that I’m going to get a satisfying story with characters that I fall in love with. Mirage was no exception.

“I made myself invisible out of necessity, and I did it long enough that by the time I no longer needed to, I didn’t know how to stop.”

We meet Victoria in a previous book, Contractual, but her character is minor, and you do not need to read it before enjoying Mirage. Victoria is a Madame. She excels at her job. She has a vision, and while the money is remarkable, it’s not the reason she is in the business. Victoria is my kind of heroine. Her horrific upbringing could have left her a mess, wandering through life without purpose, lost, but not Victoria. She rises above that.  She was a kick-ass, fiercely independent woman, who knew exactly what she wanted, didn’t need a man to get here there, or even one to prop her up along the way. She kept people out, knowing that loving lead to loss. Victoria’s wall was holding perfectly, until Nathan Lennox broke through it.

Nathan seemed too good to be true, and for the always skeptical Victoria, he was.  Here comes this man, gorgeous and charismatic, who, for reasons unknown, has his sights set on Victoria. Nathan has his work cut out for him. Victoria has no interest in starting a relationship, and she make this clear to Nathan… on several occasions. Lucky for us, (and Victoria) Nathan is PERSISTANT.

“I thought I told you good-bye last night?” I ask, sounding breathless.
“And I told you it wasn’t good-bye.”
“So, you’re just going to push your way into my life?”
“As long as I think you actually want me to.”

The relationship that slowly formed between Victoria and Nathan was engaging and their chemistry was scorching! I’ll give you two words; LAUNDRY ROOM. Nathan was hot, demanding and just plain awesome. Once Victoria allowed herself to give in to him, she found herself falling in love, but still held the biggest part of herself from Nathan. Victoria is no stranger to secrets, but when the biggest one of all becomes the ultimate betrayal, can Nathan redeem himself? Can Victoria find forgiveness and hold on to her one chance at true love?

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