Most of All You by Mia Sheridan ~ Amy’s Review


I had only read one book by Mia before and I felt like it was time to give her another try.



A broken woman . . .

Crystal learned long ago that love brings only pain. Feeling nothing at all is far better than being hurt again. She guards her wounded heart behind a hard exterior and carries within her a deep mistrust of men, who, in her experience, have only ever used and taken.

A man in need of help . . .

Then Gabriel Dalton walks into her life. Despite the terrible darkness of his past, there’s an undeniable goodness in him. And even though she knows the cost, Crystal finds herself drawn to Gabriel. His quiet strength is wearing down her defenses and his gentle patience is causing her to question everything she thought she knew.

Only love can mend a shattered heart . . .

Crystal and Gabriel never imagined that the world, which had stolen everything from them, would bring them a deep love like this. Except fate will only take them so far, and now the choice is theirs: Harden their hearts once again or find the courage to shed their painful pasts.



The story was well plotted, thought provoking, and the character development was on point.  However I feel like everything just wrapped up too easily.  There was no real surprises or moments that really made my heart race with anticipation.

I had a really hard time connecting with either of the main characters.  Gabriel was too easy going, nothing bothered him, and life was good for me.  He didn’t seem real and I had a hard time caring for his character.  Crystal was all over the place without any real transition time which I didn’t care for.

This review is hard to write and my mind is still jumbled because I fell into this book, I couldn’t put it down, but at the same time I didn’t really enjoy it.  I know people adore Mia and her writing and most will love this book-and they should.  It just didn’t do it for me.  It wasn’t a book I could connect with.

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