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Exclusive Sex Club + Alpha = perfect combination


4 stars


Everyone believes Alexandra Kane is a good girl. She follows the rules, stays the course, but there’s only so far she can bend before she breaks. Her reputation is everything, but she can’t resist temptation when given an opportunity to join Club Valentine, the exclusive sex club that caters to the wealthy.

Roman Valentine makes a living providing people a place to exercise their sexual preferences with discretion. He knows how to keep secrets, especially since he has some of his own he doesn’t want discovered. Alexandra provides a distraction he doesn’t need, but Roman how can he say no when she makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Their agreement is simple. Discretion, orgasms, and never mix business with pleasure. But what happens when business becomes personal? How will they react when the secrets they keep buried threaten to overtake them? And what’s Alexandra supposed to do when Roman’s secret directly impacts her life?

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I’m a sucker for a good, decent story that involves exclusive sex clubs. There are lots of stories out there about sex clubs that don’t really interest me but Mutually Exclusive by Charlotte Winston seemed like a good bet. It has an alpha, it has an exclusive club that caters to its client’s desires and fantasies, and it has a woman looking for no-strings-attached sex. But you know there’s always strings; they always appear and I love seeing how authors interpret this very popular premise.

Alexandra Kane and Roman Valentine (seriously, that’s such an amazing Alpha name) are a great couple, probably one of my favorites. Their relationship begins the way any normal relationship does – as a business arrangement. Alexandra is too busy trying to make partner and honor her father’s legacy to have a real relationship so she does what any smart, driven woman would do: visit the owner of the exclusive Club Valentine and proposition him. She wants discretion and Roman Valentine can definitely provide her with what she wants. I love that Alexandra is so singularly focused on her career that she’s blindsided by Roman and the feelings that begin to develop. I also love that being driven makes her vulnerable to this relationship. Charlotte Winston really gives us true insight into Alexandra’s character when we see her begin to realize that her life has been lacking in emotion and intimacy.

Another great element to this story is that Alexandra and Roman’s pasts are connected. I think Roman’s motives for getting involved with Alexandra are first based on that connection, but once he begins to develop feelings, the connection in their past becomes secondary. Their connected past is a hurdle for them to overcome which helps Alexandra reevaluate her motives for working tirelessly for so long. This in turn helps her to accept the relationship that has been developing.

This story has some great little subplots that all feed into the larger plot. I will say that there is some confusion within the plot, hence the four-star rating. The larger plot seems to center around a mysterious client who has connections to Alexandra’s deceased father. When this element is resolved, it’s confusing and messy and as I was reading, I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. I still don’t quite understand it after a second reading.

This was a great read (and re-read), and I hope that Charlotte Winston continues on with this story. There are some great supporting characters that could easily have their own books which would give us more Alexandra and Roman. It’s just a suggestion 😉

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