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Brynne Bennett has left scandal in her past and is living the good life. An American grad student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s getting back on track with lots of hard work and focus on a career in art conservation. When successful and charismatic London businessman Ethan Blackstone buys her nude portrait, he wants to possess more than just her image. He wants Brynne in his bed, serving him in every way possible. He has no trouble voicing his desires, and he isn’t taking “no” for an answer.

At first, his dominant nature captivates her, but it isn’t clear if the force of his powerful desire will ultimately awaken or dispel the demons Brynne is carrying inside. There are secrets on both sides of this relationship—huge ones. Can Ethan erase the scars of Brynne’s past so that she can reveal her true self to him? Or will the shadows cast by Ethan’s own mysterious former life destroy their chance at happiness?

Naked is the sizzling, unforgettable story of what happens when a strong woman meets the one man powerful enough to strip away all her defenses, leaving her standing naked and perfect before him.

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Ethan Blackstone is CEO of Blackstone Security International, Ltd. in London.  When someone from his past approaches him about protecting his daughter, Ethan almost declines…until he sees a picture of her…Brynne Bennett.

“That picture changed everything.  I was not the same after I saw it and I couldn’t go back to the man I’d been before seeing it either.  Not after we met that night on the street.  My whole world altered because of a photograph.  A photograph of my beautiful American girl.”

They both have issues in their past, which for Brynne prevents her from trusting easily.  Ethan also has a past which leaves him with nightmares that mixes his past with the present and he becomes very protective of Brynne.  But this is something that she needs from him.  She needs to feel safe.

“You are so controlling but you do it in a way that makes me feel strangely…safe.”

As their relationship intensifies, they quickly create strong feelings for each other.  Brynne is not aware of what her father has asked of Ethan or that they even know each other.  Ethan knows that he must tell her the truth but never has the right opportunity.

Will the truth come out and what will happen when it does?  You MUST read this book to find out.  Once you start you won’t stop!  And be prepared to not come up for air until you are done the series!

Naked is the first book of the 4 part Blackstone Affair series by Raine Miller.  She immediately pulls us in to fall in love with these characters and you just NEED them to be together.  I absolutely loved this book and recommend it to everyone!  The Blackstone Affair series is one of my all-time favorites!

And OMG…Ethan Blackstone….do we all love him or what?  He is domineering, protective and controlling of Brynne but does it in a way that Brynne needs.  He is very sweet to her.  If you are looking for the perfect man, look no further.  He is my #1 book boyfriend!

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