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Between the absolutely beautiful cover and being written by
Ryan Michele there was no way I wasn’t reading this book.



Have you ever sunk inside yourself to a place of darkness so deep you couldn’t see the light? Had no hope? Felt completely alone in a world filled with so many people?

I have. I’ve lived it, breathed it.


Because life hated me.

It disliked me from the moment of conception, despised me when I was born, loathed me when I bounced from each foster home, and kicked me in the gut when I watched the one thing that meant everything to me leave.

For years, I drifted, unable to find my footing, never knowing what the word stable meant. Then a single moment in time rocked me to my core, changing me and making that solid ground I so desperately craved crumble at my feet, causing me to fall farther than I’d ever imagined.

The darkness of the swirling tornado that is depression captured me, pulling me down to its depths, drowning me, suffocating me, owning me.

A depth so deep, I didn’t think I’d survive and didn’t care if I did. I only wanted peace. I wanted the pain to disappear. I wanted to be … free.

Needing to fall into the cyclone of darkness was the only way I could find the light.

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It’s books like this that make you wish you weren’t limited to five stars because it far exceeded that.

This story is like a dark, twisting, enchanting dance. As the characters turn and spin shafts of light land on them brightening their world only for them to spin again landing them back into the darkness. Their stories which are unfortunately all too common in our world today are also extremely inspiring. The courage it takes to not only fight your demons but to acknowledge that you have them in the first place is immense. The push and pull as they struggle against the darkness while striving for the light is mesmerizing.

I have never read a character as utterly breathtaking as Reign. The things she endures both physically and locked up in her own mind are brutal and make my heart ache for her. While at the same time you can’t help but admire the strength that radiates from her. She isn’t afraid to lean on those who offer her help but, doesn’t rely on them to solve her problems or to “fix” her. She has the mindset and the strength to do those things for herself. She can recognize the strengths in others and draw from those to find the strength in herself.

The deeper I got into the story the more enthralled I became. Things didn’t play out like expected, I was constantly getting surprised by twists in the story. The reaction I was expecting wasn’t the one I would get, the story would veer to left when I was sure it was on a straight path. Several times I had to stop and re-read a section just to be sure what I read was really happening. Ryan Michele did an outstanding job with this book.

Someone close to me suffers from things similar to those mentioned in this book and the absolute authenticity in the things mentioned in this book thrilled me. I saw his struggles, his ups and downs, his doubts all play out on the pages before me. It was eye opening and almost a relief to realize that yes this does happen to other people, something I knew but at the same times it’s not something you really talk about, I saw his struggles in a whole new light. This is one of my favorite quotes from the book; I didn’t know how, but her little ray of sunshine, no matter day or night, was the only thing that kept me sane. I strive to be that for him.

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