North Shore Author Signing 2016 – A Recap

Recently, Jenn and I attended Boston’s North Shore Author Signing. I attended my first signing last November in Philadelphia so I was a little more prepared for North Shore. I made sure that I pre-ordered books that I desperately needed and ordered books from Amazon weeks in advance. I even went out and bought one of those crates on wheels! Here are some highlights from an amazing weekend!

Meeting BT Urruela

Disclaimer – I haven’t read A Lover’s Lament but that didn’t mean I wasn’t going to wait in line to meet BT Urruela (and I bought a copy too). Have you seen him? Have you seen him wearing glasses? BT Urruela is super sweet and very humble and gracious. Having a VIP ticket meant that Jenn and I didn’t have to wait long to meet him. If he’s attending a signing near you, GO!


Re-connecting with Meghan March

Meeting Meghan March this time around was an entirely different experience for me. When I met her at Indies Invade Philly, her books were sitting on my Kindle, waiting to be read. Since then, I have become a regular in her Facebook group and I’ve read most of her books. So when I walked up to her table (THERE WAS NO LINE!), she totally recognized me and I was beyond ecstatic. It’s an incredible feeling when an author recognizes you. Meghan March totally blew me away with how sweet and funny she is. I got to talk with her more after the event where I learned so much about her as a writer and as a person. I love that she makes herself accessible to her readers.  IMG_2450

The VIP Experience

Being a VIP meant that we were allowed into the event earlier than general admission ticket holders. But the other perk? Getting to leave the event and come back. Jenn and I powered through our list of must-sees and then decided we just needed to head back to our room and relax. I loved that! If you’ve never been to a signing before and can do it, spring for the VIP ticket!

Discovering New Authors

While standing in line for Penelope Ward, I glanced over at a table and saw four nekkid New Kids on the Block dolls, with tiny pins covering their plastic parts. I knew I had to talk to that author. That’s how I was introduced to Daisy Prescott. Jenn is good friends with another author, Mary Wasowski and I spent some time hanging out with her, getting to know her and love her as a person. Another discovery for me. When Kate Stewart introduced herself to Meghan March during the Runaways meet and greet, she was sassy and hilarious. Her introduction made me an instant fan even though I haven’t read any of her books. Signings are such an amazing way to meet and connect with new authors.


So, our lovely Jacque couldn’t make it to North Shore this year because it conflicted with a family obligation. Jenn and I were sad that she couldn’t be there but we made the best of it! We still wanted to make Jacque a part of our day so we asked a few of her favorite authors hold up a sign just saying “Hi!” which I sent to her via text. It totally made her day. I loved doing that for her and now….I have send back the 22 books that I got signed for her. IMG_2459

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44 thoughts on “North Shore Author Signing 2016 – A Recap

  1. Loved your recap! NS is one of my favorite signings! I’d love to see Nicole Williams there next year!

  2. These books on my shelf would make me one happy happy girl!!! I absolutely love Meghan and all her books!

  3. I also went to NSAS & everything you said about Taylor is true. He’s one of the nicest, kindeset people I’ve met in a long time. This was my first author’s signing & I’ll definitely be at the NSAS 2017 ( G-D Willing ) I met a lot of my favorite authors & had the best time with Lexi Buchanan.

  4. I’m going to the Indies in NY author signing and Meghan March will be there. This makes me even more excited to see her in August. Since I’m already going to meet her and she is my favorite, I would love to meet Erin Watt (Elle Kennedy and Jen Frederick). Loved Paper Princess and cannot wait for Broken Prince!

  5. I’m going to my first signing in May (wild and windy) and I’m so excited to see Meghan March, Mo Mabie, Willow Aster, and JA Huss! I’m also pretty nervous!

  6. Omg nsas was my first signing and i was super overwhelmed I loved the Runaways meet and greet and I absolutely loved meeting Miss Meghan. I love your recap i was in such a fangirl fog that if it wasnt for pictures i swear i dreamed the whole event up.

  7. Again complete daze lol Id love to meet Adriana Locke, T.M. Frazier, Lili St Germain and Tillie Cole ❤

  8. I’ve met so many….even all my favorites! I feel so lucky. I haven’t read Meghan March yet, but she’s on my TBR.

    I would love to meet the amazing Kristen Ashley. Some day. Maybe.

  9. That sounds amazing! I’m going to Authors in the OC in October and I am DYING to meet Meghan March!!

  10. this would be amazing! I’m jealous I’d love to me Meghan March! if I had to pick someone else, I think maybe Colleen Hoover just because she seems fun and does such wonderful things for people!

  11. I’m going to three book signings this year. They’re a little bit addicting. 🙂 I’m going to see BT in Cleveland this year. I can’t wait!

  12. I’m pretty sure I saw you there. Isn’t BT even better looking in person? Anyways, I will be meeting some of my favorites in DC next month but one day I’d love to meet the Queen Kristen Ashley. PS Meghan is amazing. Her meet and greet was definitely a highlight on an already spectacular weekend.

  13. NSAS was so much fun! It was my first signing and I also got the VIP ticket! Well worth it!!! I loved meeting and getting to talk to the authors. A couple of highlights for me were Meghan March, Carian Cole, Jewel E Ann and M. Stratton!!! <3

  14. Great recap! Signings are always so much fun. Thanks for sharing and for the chance at this set! <3

  15. Love these books love Meghan these books are center in my home of New Orleans would love these books

  16. This was my first signing and I agree get the VIP I loved every minute and agree with each of your author opinions, too. Everyone was sweet, kind, inviting and I found so many new authors to read! I think we meet at the Meghan March dinner? I loved getting to know her. Can’t wait for next year!

  17. Great recap! I have yet to make it to an author event, but I am dying to meet Christina Lauren and Meghan March

  18. I loved your blog & since this was my 1st signing & I had VIP tickets, I couldn’t agree more with you.

  19. There are so many authors that I would love to meet. Here are a few.
    Meghan March
    CM Owens
    Harper Sloan
    KC Lynn
    K Langston
    J Daniels
    Danielle Jamie

  20. There’s sooo many authors I’d like to meet, but with that’s said I’d Love to meet Harper Sloan💛

  21. I agree with everything you said…BT was amazing and worth wait and Meghan was wonderful. I found some great new favorites here and I can’t wait to do the VIP thing next year.

  22. I’ve been to al, three of the signings, they just keep getting better. Looking forward to next year. You are right about authors recognizing you, it is a great thrill. I love too many authors to pick just one, your recap is spot on.

  23. I was at NSAS and met all those wonderful authors too! I would love to meet Beth Flynn someday. I want to try to talk her into going to NSAS next year. Thanks for this chance!

  24. I have always wanted to meet Kristen Ashley, Jill Shalvis, and R.K. Lilley. But really so many authors seem so fun and interesting I would be tongue tied no matter who I met! lol

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