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nowhere but here


I loved Renee’s Sweet Thing and wanted more of her.


4 stars


Kate Corbin has lost her spark. A year ago, she had a handsome boyfriend and a budding career as a reporter at a popular Chicago newspaper. But after the woman who raised her passed away, leaving her lost and alone, she fell into a rut—and never got out. Now she’s stuck writing fluff pieces about lipstick and wine, and feeling trapped in a relationship that’s going nowhere.

Trusting that the hungry, ace reporter is buried somewhere deep inside, Kate’s boss and mentor gives her the opportunity to jump-start her career. The assignment: spend a week interviewing R. J. Lawson, a famously reclusive tech genius who disappeared years ago but recently reemerged as the owner of a well-respected Napa Valley winery.

Kate jumps at the chance, but the trip begins in disaster, both personally and professionally. After alienating R.J., her only saving grace is Jamie, a charming vineyard hand who shows her the beauty of wine country—and stirs her aching heart. It doesn’t take long for Kate and Jamie to fall hard, and for Kate to rethink her life in the city. But the week ends with a heartbreaking journey back to Chicago that sends Kate reeling, wondering what went wrong in those four perfect days.

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Oh, how I LOVED this book!

It was well after midnight and I had just finished a reread of a favorite series. I wasn’t   quite tired and thought, “well, I’ll start something, read a few chapters and pass         out.” Not the case. I read the entire book in one sitting, not  shutting down my kindle until after 4am. This book is stuffed full of emotions; love, heartbreak, loss…. I had so many feelings over the course of 3 hours, I was bursting with them.

Kate Corbin is living a broken life. After losing the last person close to her, Kate has fallen into a black hole. In her job as a journalist, she finds herself writing frivolous articles even she doesn’t care about. She is kinda-sorta dating a guy in her apartment building, but when your dates consist of having sex in the laundry room while waiting for your clothes, it isn’t much of a relationship.  She is desperate to not be alone, but doesn’t allow anyone to get close to her and refuses to rely on anyone.  Kate’s boss gives her an assignment. Head out to Napa Valley and interview the reclusive billionaire, R.J. Lawson, who owns a renowned winery. Dig up a story and don’t come home until she gets her spark back. Simple enough, right?

Before Kate can even get started, she collides (literally) with one of the workers at the winery, Jamie. The attraction is instant and when Jamie is described, who wouldn’t be attracted to him; sun-bleached hair, deep green eyes, scruffy with a defined jawline and a strong, tanned, tattooed body. Yum! Jamie is completely taken by Kate from the start and injects himself into her day to day schedule while in Napa. In a book world littered with strong, overly dominate, alpha males, Jamie was refreshing. It was lovely to read about character that was sweet, smart, charming and laid back. He was easy to like, and it was completely believable that Kate fell for him so quickly. Kate was a bit more difficult to relate to. When a misunderstanding arose between the two characters and drove them apart, Kate took it to a whole new level. Her anger, to me, seemed to be misplaced and a bit over the top. Yes, a large portion of Kate’s life was difficult and depressing, but here she had this incredible man, practically begging to be with her and she continued to wallow in her own self pity. She ignored Jamie and refused to work anything out. It was all very childish. Thankfully, Jamie’s perseverance overrode Kate’s stubbornness.

One of my absolute favorite things about this book is that you are transported into the world the author wants you to see and she keeps you there with her well written story and beautiful imagery. Ms. Carlino paints breathtaking scenery in the story.  As I stated above, this book sucked me in from the start and there was no way I was stopping until I finished.  This is a straight forward, stunning love story that should not be missed!

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