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I absolutely loved the first book Pulled.


5 stars


ER nurse Leila Matthews can imagine no love more soul-searing than that she found with her friend, Jaxon Henderson—until the passionate return of Brody Davis, the father of her soon-to-be-born child.

Sexy, emotional and intense, Pulled, can be read as a stand alone novel or as book two in the Torn series.


E.R. nurse Leila Matthews’s whole life turned upon one single sentence: “Brody, I’m pregnant.” What she thought would be the happiest day of her life became a nightmare as she was abandoned by the father of her soon-to-be-born child. If her friend Jaxon wasn’t there to pick up the pieces, she couldn’t have coped. Then what had started out as a deep and abiding friendship became a soul-searing love.

Yet, while Jaxon is the man of her dreams, Leila doesn’t want her child to grow up not knowing its father. The situation, a triangle involving tortured pasts and unstoppable passion, will test everyone involved. Both suitors will seek forgiveness for terrible mistakes, and Leila will soon be pulled between two powerful men: a handsome CEO who owns all he surveys, and an ex-soldier whose M.C. teeters on the brink of the unforgivable. Leila must choose the man who is perfect for her future…and for the future of her child.

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Pushed was definitely a good read. A little tragedy/drama, a little fun, and a lot of hot male. Brody is many females perfect man. Successful, sharp dresser, and knows how to “take care” of his women. Leila and Brody meet at an untimely and difficult circumstance, but that doesn’t stop Brody from caring about her. He sweeps in at the right time and is the shoulder she needs. Their relationship moved a bit faster than I had expected it to at first, considering the heartbreaking circumstances, but it didn’t ruin the book for me. I took at as the typical time is precious and sometimes you just know when someone is something special.

Brody is my dream of a fictional man. A little arrogant and cocky, but he has a fierce protectiveness over Leila that any woman would completely swoon over. Sure he was the stereotypical man-whore, but just like all good men, deep down he just needed the right girl.

Leila is a trauma RN and would have never expected her brother to be brought in, despite him working for the SWAT team. That night will be one of terror, fear, and worry. Enter Brody, long-time friend of her brother. He comes just at the right time to take care of her and help her deal with her unruly brother throughout his hospital stay.

Jealous “exes” and some surprising news will lead them a bit astray towards the end of the book. Not to mention Jaxon, the ex-marine biker who has a thing for Leila will be doing his own meddling. The ending will definitely have you grabbing the sequel, PULLED, in a heartbeat. The third and final installment of Leila’s story will be out this fall (2015). It is definitely a must read!

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