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Living in the small town of Cloverleaf, watching her friends settle down one by one, all Lizzy wants is her own happily ever after. But with each failed date she starts to believe that finding the one man who will look at her like she’s his reason for living is practically impossible.

Trevor has had feelings for Lizzy since stepping foot into Cloverleaf, but despite their intense chemistry when they first met, the feisty little redhead friend-zoned him before he ever had a chance to make his move. After watching her date every loser in town he’s finally decided enough is enough. Thanks to a drunken weekend in Vegas, he finally has the one thing he’s always wanted…Lizzy as his wife.

But just because he caught her doesn’t mean he’ll get to keep her. Can Trevor and Lizzy push the boundaries of friendship and build a relationship that can truly last, or will they crash and burn before they ever get off the ground?

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Pushing Boundaries by Jessica Prince is a light hearted love story…

Trevor, once known for his man whore-ish ways, is in love with his best friend, Lizzy, and has been since he met her.  He knows she’s the one and hasn’t been with another woman since meeting her…but Lizzy doesn’t see that.  And even though Lizzy was aware of their instant attraction at first, she was also aware of his reputation… So she opted to take the best friend route with Trevor.

“Jesus Christ, this woman was gonna be the death of me.  I’d lost track of how long I’d been chasing her around, acting the part of the “best friend” just so I could get close to her.  A man makes the tiny mistake of sleeping with a few willing women when he moves to a new town and people never let him forget it.”

But everything changes once they are invited to Vegas for their friends’ wedding.  Trevor puts into action,

“OPERATION Get–Lizzie–to–fall–in–love–with–me”

After a night of celebration and drinking Lizzie wakes up to find out they are married.  And she is pissed!

Eventually sparks fly and feelings grow between the two. They really are perfect for one another. Trevor knows what he wants and even though he has baggage, it doesn’t compare to Lizzy’s own baggage and insecurities which could sabotage their relationship.  Will Lizzy learn to trust Trevor’s feeling for her, as well as her own, or will she lose him?

This is not the first “guy falls in love with his best friend” love story that I’ve read but I have to say that Pushing Boundaries is one of my favorites.  I don’t think I laughed so much in one book.  I usually go for more intense books so this was a breath of fresh air for me!   This is my first read of Jessica Prince, but certainly not my last.

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