Redemptive by Jay McLean-Amy’s Review

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Jay McLean wrote it.


5 stars


It’s said that your life flashes before your eyes when you die.
It must only happen to those whose lives were worthy.
Clearly, mine was not.

The only thing that happened to me was a repeat of what I thought was my death.
The blast of the gun as it went off.
The loss of my breath as two hundred pounds of dead weight dropped on top of me.
And then darkness.
This replayed over and over.

When the guy squatted down next to me and asked if I was hurt, the only thing I could see, feel,
hear, were those few seconds.
Even now, as I sat in the back of a blacked out van—it was the only thing that ran through my mind.
Gunshot, breath, darkness.


Tick Tock Who is Bailey?

Mystifying, intriguing, heart stopping, and so beautiful. Who is Bailey? We’re given an entire book to learn about her; who she is, how she thinks, where she comes from. And we do, we learn so much about her but at the same time she is still a complete mystery. Bailey is so complex that days later I still can’t get her story and the many questions I still have about her out of my mind. My mind is spinning trying to process everything that happened and how it will impact the rest of Ky and Bailey’s story.

This book dove into the complexity of the human mind. How it’s affected by things like; environment, stress, addiction, and love. I’m struggling even now to process everything I learned. The complexity of this storyline was so refreshing and such a unique experience.

I’ve always been a fan of Jay’s work but I really feel like she stepped out of the box when she created this book and these characters. Tick Tock

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