Sex In the Sticks by Sawyer Bennett ~ Amy’s Review


If Sawyer Bennett writes it I’ll read it.  I have always loved everything she’s written.



Valentine French may be the sassiest dating columnist in New York City, but the abundance of metrosexuals in her adopted metropolis is seriously cramping her style. Where are the beefy all-American boys? Hoping to find some inspiration, Val heads to Alaska, where the men outnumber the women fifteen to one and wrestle grizzly bears for sport. Or so she can only imagine. Suddenly the most eligible bachelorette in a town full of horny lumberjacks, Val is writing her best columns ever. But if she doesn’t get her nose out of her laptop, she just might miss out on Mr. Right.

Logan Burke is the sheriff of the little podunk town that Val finds so charmingly backward. He’s not that different from the guys she’s using for her little experiment; it’s just that one date would never be enough for Logan. As he listens to Val complain about love over beers in the local tavern, he realizes that she can’t see the forest for the trees. Because if she would ever give up her Prada bags and fourteen-dollar martinis, Logan would give her the only luxury that matters: his heart.


This book started out a little slow for me. I’ll admit I didn’t care for Valentine at all. Something about her rubbed me the wrong way. However once she stepped foot in Alaska a whole other side of her emerged. I suddenly saw her in a new light and instantly wanted her to be my best friend. She was funny, witty, caring, fun, and very perceptive. She noticed things others didn’t a made an effort to help when she could.

Logan was the perfect guy. Charismatic, genuine, caring, and hello a hot Alaskan cop! I loved reading his point of view because we got more insight into how the world saw Valentine. He was a stand up guy who was open and honest above all. The fun they had together was inspiring.

This was a fun, easy read. It had a few harder subject lines but they didn’t bring the story down, it will still up beat and funny. It was just the kind of storyline I needed. Another great book from Sawyer Bennett who has yet to steer us wrong.

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