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Umm…. it’s from Lesley Jones


From the outside looking in, Sarah and Liam’s bond has been unbreakable since the moment they first laid eyes on each other.

Love, romance, and friendship should form the ropes that tether them together.

But when old insecurities rise to the surface, Sarah loses sight of her self-worth and feels her identity fading. Faced with a choice that threatens to fray those ties, she finally begins to unravel.

Until one day, those ropes snap, that bond is broken, and their relationship sent spiralling off course.


5 stars

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Another winner!

Spiralling Skyward – Fading wasn’t what I expected it to be. After reading Spiralling Skyward – Falling, I was perfectly content with Liam and Sarah’s story and was banking on getting a Happily Ever After. They were so good together. But in Fading we get the nitty gritty of how “life” can change people…and not always in a good way. When Liam becomes so pre-occupied on his business and providing for Sarah and their kids, he loses focus on her and doesn’t see what she is going through. Sarah struggles with feeling like she has lost her identity and all of her insecurities return causing to her to make decisions that could be devastating to everyone.

With Fading, Lesley tells us a story with situations that we could all see ourselves in. And even though, Sarah and Liam’s love is always steady throughout the books, it is not your usual HEA.

This is definitely a must read. You will feel for Sarah and the emotions she goes through and the effect her decisions have on Liam.

Lesley Jones is a great story teller and, as usual, had me laughing and crying throughout the book. And as with her other books, her secondary characters take on a life of their own. I can’t wait to see Sasha and Luke’s stories!!!

5 Stars!!!

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